The Spirit Of Prayer [Part 2]

By Richmond Duafah
Spirituality & Religion The Spirit Of Prayer Part 2
NOV 1, 2019 LISTEN

Kofi Kinata, a profound secular Ghanaian artist sang a song entitled “Things fall apart”. Somewhere in his presentation he said “Part-time Christian, and you want to fight a full time devil? You should be a joke”. Who is a part-time Christian? The believer who doesn’t pay attention to the building materials in the kingdom: character, word of God, fellowship, etcetera. One of the most important yet negligible building materials of the believer is Prayer, in this case the spirit of prayer. Many pray religiously but the spiritual dimension is missing. That is why you see a prayerful people with excessive anger, uncontrollable temper and envy- it’s a sign you are prayerful but the spirit of prayer is not in you- don’t get angry, please listen to me; the spirit of prayer is a jealous spirit that will not cohabit with those devilish associates. How can an intercessor hate the very people he takes to God in prayer? No, something is wrong with your understanding- you may be praying six hours a day but it’s still an exercise in futility.

A man who drinks everyday will one day attracts the spirit of drunkenness, a man who watches pornography for a living will one day attract the spirit of masturbation, a woman who gossips everyday attracts the spirit of gossips, in the same way he who prays and have intercourse with God every day in prayer will one day attract the spirit of prayer, not just prayer. The spirit behind prayer will come to you and stay with you that is where prayer becomes a habit not a burden. There is nowhere in the bible that Jesus was motivated to pray, no. He was already in the realm of praying without ceasing. If you must be encouraged to pray, you are a Christian but you don’t understand the dynamics of the kingdom. Today, even men of God will relent in prayer for days and only wake up Saturday midnight to mumble words just to preach on Sunday.

It is the spirit of prayer that will compel you to put aside your needs and concentrate on the needs of others and that of the kingdom of God, it is the spirit of prayer that compels men to intercede for cities, nations and individuals who are undergoing national turmoil. If you see a man spending 6 hours for his needs in prayer, that’s a selfish man. Religion may project him as a man of God but heaven doesn’t have a record of him because in the Lord’s Prayer “thy will be done on earth came before give us this day our daily bread”. So the prayer life of a man who have contacted the spirit of prayer is geared more towards kingdom than selfish aggrandizement, he is interested in the establishment of men than himself.

What do you think Apostle Baba Lola of the apostolic church was doing on his knees for 2,160 hours in prayer? Sleeping, no. He was having serious intercourse with God. What will Elijah the Tishbite been doing putting his heads in-between his laps? You think he was just calling for a rain, no sir. He was with the father in the secret place having a conversation about the destiny of a nation. What on earth will Paul be doing in the dessert of Arabia for 72 hours? If you don’t have the spirit of prayer, you see praying as waste of time and time consuming activity.

The church have mentored a generation of members who take interest in binding the devil for 5 hours and fellowshipping with the spirit for 15 minutes and we want to dominate, no wonder we can’t overcome our own weaknesses and yet we want to overcome the devil. We sit in church and harbor unnecessary anger against people’s gifting and callings. Paul said with the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and “the fellowship of the SPIRIT”. There must be a fellowship with the spirit to ensure an effective prayer life. If the spirit of prayer is absent from your habit of praying, you won’t do much for the kingdom.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus! Baptize me afresh with the spirit of prayer.

R. Duafah
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