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29.04.2019 Social Issues

The Exceptional You

By The Passion Achievers
The Exceptional You
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The creator, being the master craftsman He is, has woven into everyone a unique fabric of DNA. Little wonder no two persons have the same thumbprint. Physically, each person has the same combination of limbs, muscles, eyes, etc. We all, however, do not look the same. Even, identical twins have differences when they are critically observed. This is the same for our intrinsic wiring too.

somebody wants to become a billionaire, buy the whole world and own fleets of cars. Another person wants to get enough, just to be able to earn his keep. Carpenter, painter, lawyer, dressmaker, Teacher, banker, nurse, artist, musician, chef, is but a few of the array of professions that individually appeal to us in response to this unique make-up. To deny one’s make-up is to deny one’s destiny. Each person has been designed in a particular way to achieve a particular purpose

Other options might look very appealing but each person has a unique path to follow. The best way to leave an unfilled life and regret on one’s deathbed is to leave your passion unheeded to and get swept along with the crowd. There are people who have all the money than they will ever need, yet happiness eludes them. Another lives a modest life, yet, wakes up with a smile every single day. The difference? one bends and aligns his personality to fit into society, while the other asserts his unique personality and society adjusts to it.

But before you get me wrong, following your passion does not elicit a mediocre life, if anything, it allows you to earn money at the same time fulfilling your inner purpose. To not pursue your passion, is to be alienated from oneself, which equates a life devoid of any sense of direction.

The difference is not in doing great things even when it's clearly not our cup of tea. The difference comes when one learns to do everything, the big and small, in his own great way.

If a desire has been placed in You, it is in you for a reason. Nobody can do it better than you can. So dear friend, do not even think of shelving your passion for any reason. Do not allow society, parents, friends, or even spouse to stop you from following your passion, because, at the end of the day, it is, and will remain an individual affair. Remember that, no part of the body, no matter how important can perform the functions of others like it’s original assigned function.

Thank you.
Written by: Tuwor, Ruth Dede.
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