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26.02.2019 Daily Devotionals

True Protection 2

By Ishmael Adjei Kofi
True Protection 2
LISTEN FEB 26, 2019

Memory Verse: Matthew 28:18 NLT
"Jesus came and told his disciples, “I have been given all authority in heaven and on earth."

The battles of life are usually between powers and authorities. Connecting with the right power and authority gives us an advantage in this life. In many other faiths, very difficult sacrifices are needed to help one attain height in the world of the supernatural.

Praise God, our Lord Jesus Christ in his statement to His disciples which is relevant for us who follow Him today said, He has been given all authority in heaven and on earth. All authority is in the hands of our Lord. Let's quickly probe to understand what this means to us as His disciples today.

To start with, He is in control of all authorities. Understanding that Christ has all authority gives us peace of mind to go about our daily life. The implication is that I know and have a relationship with the owner of all authority. Glory to God.

In addition, I’m above any demonic and human destruction. The powers all over the world recognize and even tremble at the authority of my King. No power can subdue me in any form. No spiritual bargain can work against my life. The one who gives me protection is above all. I am never disadvantaged.

Finally, since all authority is in the hands of my Lord, then on this earth, I don't need a man to become what is destined to become. God uses men, yes, but my destiny is not subject to any man. What is important is my connection with the Lord of all. He can command men concerning my destiny.

Knowing and believing that all authority belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ helps the true believer to enjoy the assurance of great and true protection on every side. Rejoice because you are safe.

Remain blessed.