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18.02.2019 Family & Parenting

The Crying Babies Phenomena

By Catherine Forson Agbo
The Crying Babies Phenomena
LISTEN FEB 18, 2019

Having trouble when your child cries? Is the noise irritating? Want to see them quiet? These are questions that something drives mums and other mothers crazy just trying to figure out what is happening to their babies. These findings were based on a brief interview I had with nursing mums. Some mothers were glad to share some techniques they use to stop their babies crying while others shared what they thought it was when they find their babies crying. Let's look at some common features. Babies cry when they are;

  1. Hungy: Hungry babies cry, then pause and cry again. Hunger cries do not stop when the baby is picked up. A mother shared, “My baby has this peculiar attitude and cries when he is hungry. He sometimes touches my breasts and pulls my dress lot”.
  2. Irritated: Check to see if they have pins or dress labels that are disturbing them. Additionally, check whether they need their diapers changed or are excessively warm or excessively cold.
  3. Bored or sad: Babies who are tired, worn out or uncomfortable have a whining, continuous cry. Infants who are forlorn or bored won't quit crying. “I know this when she starts to giggle and laugh when somebody comes into the room with a smile”- another mother added.
  4. In pain: Babies who are in real pain have harsh penetrating cries that don't stop until they feel much better. It could be a stomach ache or a headache. Consult a doctor when you notice a high fever or change in their temperature. Babies cry is from colic. Colic is characterized as agony in the abdomen. It causes crying, frequently. Specialist speculates that colic might be brought about by an immature stomach related or sensory system, a hormone irregularity or a sleeping issue. Children who quit crying when you lift them up are presumably alright.

Regardless of how loudly they were crying. Crying children make individuals awkward. In any case, you need to enable them to quit crying if possible. So if a child isn't hungry and does not have a soiled diaper, and you can't locate any other explanation behind the crying, you should attempt the following ideas to make them feel better.

Here are a few tips presented;
This is popular, that is a steady movement with the baby in your arms of backed. Here, you can take a walk with a fixed place, left or right. This rolls their child’s mind to gradually sleep their way out or remain calm. You can also consider the rocking chair. These motions give the baby a soothing experience and control their calmness.

Sing and dancing
I will take this based on my personal experience with babies. I carried a child once and he began crying, I was lost or what to do. I almost got crazy, then I placed him down on a sofa and began to sing and dance. The child started playing and laughing to my tunes. Infants generally respond to calming and cheerful music. Your voice doesn’t need to be like Beyonce’, just the sound of it and your body movement got their absolute attention. Singing with a baby in your arms may help calm her. Surprising, right? But it works like magic. A more alternative could be when you turn the radio on. It might be a music channel or discussion segment, just the sod on the radio can calm the child's nerves.

Some babies quiet down when they are giving a pacifier, an elastic areola appended to a plastic ring rather like a feeding bottle. This can make them quieter and calm. Some babies even end up sleeping.

Putting my data together, I can conclude that, “crying is the infant's only method for communicating to you and with the little practice and observations, you can tell what babies mean when they cry”.