8 Tips for maintaining good vaginal health

Women Health 8 Tips for maintaining good vaginal health
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Good care for all body parts is a necessity and the vagina, the most intimate part of a woman's body is certainly not an exception.

A healthy vagina has an acidic pH (approximately 3.8 to 4.5) and contains beneficial bacteria that help prevent infections and maintain an adequate pH level.

A healthy vagina also secretes small amounts of flow to keep it clean.

Tips for maintaining good vaginal health

Any alteration of these conditions can cause the appearance of vaginal irritation or infection.

Here are some simple but very useful tips to maintain vaginal health:

1. Wash only with warm water.

To keep the vagina clean it is not necessary to use any soap or chemical product.

But if they are used, strong soaps or cleansers in the vulva and/or vagina should be avoided, since these can also affect the healthy pH balance and favour the growth of bacteria and the appearance of infections.

2. Avoid douching.

Douching can interfere with the pH levels of the vagina, making it more prone to infections.

3. Maintain good hygiene during menstruation.

The chance of getting a vaginal infection increases during menstruation and it's during this period that the hormonal changes cause imbalances in the vaginal pH, which together with blood and the use of sanitary stuff such as tampons, can cause more infections.

It is essential to change tampons several times a day.

4. Wear cotton underwear.

The cotton underwear allows good perspiration and therefore prevents the development of moisture conditions that favor the growth of yeasts and bacteria that can lead to an infection.

In case of wearing underwear made of synthetic fabrics, it is necessary to make sure that the area that is in direct contact with the vagina has a cotton lining.

5. Maintain a healthy diet.

Feeding on a balanced diet and drinking fluids in plenty is key to vaginal and reproductive health.

6. Urinating after sex.

During intercourse, some bacteria can pass into the urethra, eventually causing a urine infection. So when urinating after sex can help eliminate bacteria and thus prevent urinary infection.

7. Eat a lot of fruits.

In addition to good hygiene, eating fruit such as blueberries, pineapple or strawberries can improve the odour of fluids secreted by the vagina. Besides, fruits have a high water content, which will help maintain the level of hydration which in return flush toxins from an individual's body and thus reduce odours and diseases.

8. Perform regular gynaecological exams.

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Vincent Ferdinand

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