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Jan 26, 2019 | Career & Money

Hoping To Take Up A Career In Management? 4 Skills You Definitely Must Have

By Catherine Forson Agbo
Hoping To Take Up A Career In Management? 4 Skills You Definitely Must Have

Careers in management require special and exceptional skills. People in professions of managerial positions need to know how to set priorities, formulate and make strategic decisions, solve issues that may arise in the business, make and execute work schedules, communicate effectively with others and be good leaders in their working environs. A management career involves a great deal of planning, organizing and directing all aspects of a business to achieve a set goal. Careers in management, however, require certain skills in management.

Let’s consider a few major skills required in assuming managerial positions in any company;

A career in management requires;
Leadership skill
Managers are leaders and a people person. They work and deal with people from various backgrounds. The capability to tolerate and manage diverse attitudes, opinions, and ideas in a business requires a leadership gene. Most people who have careers in management deal with people; old, young, women, children, men, blacks, whites and many other traits. You should be able to get along with people in the business. A leader should have foresightedness to resolve problems that may arise in the future due to the decision taken in the present. As managers, your role demands a wide range of leadership skills, hence why you should be well informed and organized to be able to set priorities and follow a set schedule in the decision making process.

Mathematics skills
The subject, Mathematics though, feared by many happens to be one of the fundamental ingredients in being a manager. All through the business spectrum, decision making with respect to the money or funding is a critical issue. Managers, when making decisions have to be fully aware of the financial conditions of the company. Not only that, managers require the ability to assess a situation or a particular problem before taking any decision that will affect the firm’s financial well being. This is because a wrong decision taken due to the lack of financial accessibility could hamper the growth and operations of the business. It is no wonder that mathematics in schools is incorporated in every course that has to do with management or financial economics.

Computer skills
The advancement of technology has made the operations of business more easy and flexible. Computer skills are a needed requirement for managers as financial reports or documents are usually kept in the computer files. More so, computer programs are used for keeping track of sales record and other important data for the company. Letters, emails and other documents which are disseminated to the various departments are done through computers. Conducting research and communication internally and externally are also executed done through the use of computers. Based on this, it is an essential prerequisite that managers should have for the smooth operations of the business.

Bookkeeping and Accounting
A manager should be well informed and skilled in bookkeeping and accounting in the financial business sector. This is very important because bookkeeping records the income and expenses of the firm on a daily and sometimes monthly basis. Accounting reviews the work of bookkeepers and prepares various financial statements for the company. This is done for the proper tracking and recording of the financial decisions that are taken in and for the operations of the business.

Managers are visionaries who make sure that the company is operating and functioning positively. Managers are to ensure that workers are well satisfied and share in his goals and aspiration for the better development and growth of the business. So if you intend to be a manager someday, you should ask yourself if you have these skills because, without them, you would be having a hard time growing your business. You can enroll in business schools to acquire some of the above listed and explained skills.

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