Should I Hang In There?

By Daily Graphic
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We lost touch for close to 15 years. We got back together again a few weeks ago. We are both divorced with children.

Everything was going on well until my ex-husband turned up at my house and ruined everything for me.

My guy has refused to talk to me since then although we had made plans to get married. I had already informed him about my ex so I don't see why he should be so worked up. What should I do? Should I hang in there?

Rose, Saltpond

Hang in where? Forget about him and move on with your life. Maybe he didn't really mean all that he said to you. I mean about marrying you.

You didn't say exactly what your ex did but maybe your new man who may genuinely love you was put off and doesn't want to know. People handle situations differently.

Anyway, after being apart for so many years, the two of you should have taken time with the relationship; a few weeks is not enough and I guess both of you were in a hurry to settle down.

Have a chat with him and see how you can both handle the situation of your ex. If the relationship means anything to him, I trust he will come round and things will be kosher again.

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