Why Ghana's Most Popular Baby Name, Nhyira Will Take Us Through 2018

By Pamela Ofori-Boateng
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In Ghana, names have special stories attached to them. People often name their babies after grand parents, circumstances surrounding birth or the day a baby was born.

Most people are of the belief that names have both spiritual and physical connotations and therefore parents are mindful of how they name their babies.

Using myself as an example, my sister's was born on 10th May, 1994 and so was named Abena Mandela. Abena, because she was born on a Tuesday and Nelson Mandela was sworn in as a head of state in South Africa same day.

Back to the main reason for penning this article. For some time now the number of children called Nhyira, Nhyiraba, Aseda, Ayeyi have escalated with Nhyira leading.

These names seem to be the preferred name for "modern parents" who have trained their children to only speak the "Queens Language" to the detriment of our local languages for reasons I still can't decipher.

It's obvious these names are self explanatory and the reason for its popularity is obvious, some Ghanaian parents in an interview with, share why they have affinity to these names.

Nhyira/Nhyiraba- Blessing
Aseda- Gratitude
Ayeyi- Praise.
Juanita Adu - "My first son is Aseda because I had gone through a lot throughout pregnancy till delivery and was thankful for it. My second son is Adom because it was just by his grace."

Obaaba serwaa - "My second son is called Aseda because I waited 9 good years before conception. Going to prayer camps, hospitals and it was not easy when I was due so I named him Aseda because God has been good."

Leona Bediako -" Nyira is my first fruit because God blessed me with this gift. My second is Aseda because It took long before coming so we named her so and third is Nyamekye meaning a gift from God because we didn't plan for it.

Faustina Parker - I have Nhyira , Aseda and Ayeyi. I was blessed when I had Nyhira and Aseda came when I was not expecting a child. Ayeyi was a bonus.

Nana Yaa ofosu- "Names have impact in our lives so we need to choose wisely. I think Nhyira is trending because every mom wants to see her child blessed

Theresa - "My girl is called Dromo (Grace) because the Lord wiped away my tears after 7 years and protected the pregnancy."

Dela Amoako - " My first child is called Nhyira. I didn't know I was pregnant and suffered throughout my pregnancy..omg it wasn't easy. when he finally came out so I named him Nhyira.

Franklina Adu - "My first daughter is Nhyira. I named her that because I nearly lost her during pregnancy .

obaapa asare- "I named my daughter Nyhiraba because she came when I needed a daughter badly. I almost lost her and myself but God rescued us .

Harriet Quaye- "My first son is Jormo (Blessing in Ga dialect) he was a blessing after our marriage. The second is Dromo (Meaning grace in Ga) and the third is Shidaa (Thanks) because I asked God for a girl and was given.

Naa Amarkaa Okine - I called mine Dromo (Grace), because of the difficulties I went though during pregnancy.

From the responses above, most parents have varied reasons for taking up these names for their children. Paramount among them are struggles during pregnancy and hurdles they go through to conceive.

So if you are an expectant mother reading this, you can either dare to be different or follow the trend.

Well, let's see what names the new year, 2018 comes with.

Merry Christmas!

Pamela Ofori-Boateng
Pamela Ofori-Boateng

Lifestyle Editor

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