Abbi Ima donates to Kintampo Mosque as part of her birthday celebration.

Spotlight Abbi Ima, donating to the Kingtampo Muslim community.
MAR 2, 2024 LISTEN
Abbi Ima, donating to the Kingtampo Muslim community.

Fast-rising music sensation Abbi Ima celebrated her birthday in a heartwarming and charitable way by extending a helping hand to the Muslim community in Kintampo.

On her special day, Abbi Ima chose to spread joy and kindness by donating ablution cans to the local mosque during Jumma prayers.

The donation was warmly welcomed by the community, with the chief imam, Mallam Ahmed, expressing gratitude on behalf of the congregation.

Mallam Ahmed, after graciously accepting the donation, offered prayers for Abbi Ima and her team, acknowledging their generosity and thoughtful gesture.

Abbi Ima, on her social media handle, expresses her appreciation for everyone who supported her in this endeavor, emphasizing the importance of giving back to the community, especially on occasions as significant as birthdays.

Her selfless act serves as an inspiring example of using one's platform and resources to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

As the community of Kintampo and beyond extends their gratitude, they also offer prayers for Abbi Ima's continued success and blessings from Allah.



Nana  Yaw Ayeh
Nana Yaw Ayeh

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