Kumawood Actor Lilwin breaks silence over divorce rumours

Industry News Kumawood Actor Lilwin breaks silence over divorce rumours
FEB 6, 2024 LISTEN

In the wake of recent rumors surrounding his alleged divorce of his wife Maame Serwaa, popular Kumawood actor Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin has broken his silence, addressing the situation through a series of cryptic posts on social media.

The actor, known for his vibrant presence on and off-screen, shared inspirational messages, possibly alluding to the challenges he might be facing.

One of his posts reads, "If you fall 10 times, rise up 10 times," indicating resilience in the face of adversity.

Another post emphasizes gratitude, stating, "In all things, be grateful."

Despite the swirling rumors and accusations, Lilwin appears unfazed by the allegations of neglecting his children and not fulfilling his responsibilities as a father. The actor, renowned for his humorous roles in Kumawood films, seems determined to maintain a positive outlook.

The divorce speculation gained traction when Lilwin's wife, Maame Serwaa, who is currently based in the US, subtly revealed their separation in a now-deleted TikTok video. Ohemaa, as she is known, conveyed that she is now a single mother solely responsible for her children, suggesting a breakdown in the marital relationship.

In her viral video, Ohemaa declared her independence, emphasizing that she does not rely on Lilwin for support in raising their three children. The caption accompanying the video pleaded with God for strength and grace, portraying the challenges faced by a single mother striving to provide for her family.

It's worth noting that Lilwin had recently welcomed his sixth child, born to his wife in the United States. The timing of this joyous occasion amidst divorce rumors has added an unexpected layer to the unfolding narrative.

As the story gains momentum, accusations have been leveled against Lilwin, though the details of these allegations remain unclear. The actor's decision to respond with motivational messages suggests that he is keen on maintaining a positive demeanor amid the challenges surrounding his personal life.

As fans await further clarification and details on the divorce, Lilwin's social media posts continue to fuel speculation, leaving followers curious about the true nature of the situation and its impact on the beloved Kumawood star.

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