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08.07.2019 General News

SAD STORY! Lingua Kat revisits real-life struggles in new video "My Time"

By Elorm Beenie
SAD STORY! Lingua Kat revisits real-life struggles in new video
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The journey of life comes with many dreams and aspirations, but as the struggle continues not all become attainable owned to the mysteries of nature.

Ghanaian Dancehall artiste, Lingua Kat tells the world about his strife, and how he ended up as a musician in a 4minute video titled "My Time".

Sadly, "My Time" recounts his passion as a dream footballer, dancer and a musician but secondary to a sustained injury on the field, a disabled left foot became his fate, wearing his dreams and dwindling his hopes.

Where passion excels, opinion are insignificant. The embattled songwriter and singer found solace in music afterwards and inked an eternal contract to entertain, communicate and give hope to generations.

Lingua Kat shares "My Time" as a marker to his breakthrough in a narrative as directed by Justice Kloutse. Watch video from below.

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