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Symptoms After a Successful Medical Abortion

By Estella Clayes
Symptoms After a Successful Medical Abortion
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Medical abortion is an easy way of terminating an early pregnancy. Once the abortion process is completed a woman should confirm her medical abortion after 10-14 days. Women often do not understand the difference between a side effect and a symptom.

Breaking it down, below points explain how a woman would know about the pregnancy termination getting completed.

To understand the symptoms, firstly, you need to understand the process of a pregnancy termination which is as follow:

When you buy abortion pills online or from the nearest stores, the pills arrive in a drug combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Also, Cytolog is another pill which works similar to Misoprostol.

Both the pills, if administered in the instructed way, abort your unwanted pregnancy successfully with less or no complications.

How is the dosage of Mifepristone?
The tablet has to be taken orally with water. (200mg)

The effect:
There's no visible effect of the first pill, however, it plays a crucial role in terminating your pregnancy since it stops the growth of the pregnancy with its anti-progesterone elements.

How is the second pill is to be taken?
The second tablet Misoprostol can be taken in two ways; (4 pills & 200mcg each)

  • Buccally: In this, you have to keep the four pills in your cheek pouches. 2 each.

  • Vaginally: Here, you have to carefully place the fours pills into your vagina. 2 each side.

In both methods, you have to let the pills dissolve for half an hour.

The effect:
After taking this second pill, you should start experiencing the symptom of pregnancy termination process getting completed.

  • Cramping: Misoprostol intake results in uterine contractions since the prostaglandin element present in the pill works to empty the uterus. Hence, women experience abdomen cramping which can last for several hours.

  • Bleeding: 3-4 hours after the intake of Misoprostol, it is expected to start heavy vaginal bleeding which lasts for 4-10 days depending on the body type. This takes place because pregnancy contents in the body are being removed.

These are main two symptoms of pregnancy termination getting completed, although, women are advised not to solely rely on these symptoms and get a pregnancy check-up done to ensure that abortion has been successful. If you buy abortion pill kit and administer it properly, the efficacy of abortion is high which can be confirmed as mentioned before.

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