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Dec 26, 2016 | Technology

Find Out How to Extract Data from Windows 7 Backup Zip File Corrupted

Windows backups have evolved largely over time. The oldest we relied upon was of the Windows NT Series OS versions, which created a .bkf file consisting of the backed up system files. With time, things changed and the new backup type was introduced with ZIP formatting. When backup is concerned, restore comes along. However, when the backup is not in a recognizable format that can be restored using the same application then that is where you need a recovery plan for your backup. In order to do so, it is necessary to understand the latest backup procedure, the file structure, and possibility of restoration despite corruption.

ZIP Format Backups in Windows 7 OS
Windows 7 Backup and Restore center offers the recent backup method for system files and user data on a machine. When you generate backup on a Windows 7 machine using the default backup service you can view your progress details as shown below.

1226201663308 backupinprogress

Later, when the backup is generated, the file type will show it as a ‘File Folder’, which determines that it can further be opened and accessed for reading the contents inside. However, you will require administrative rights to open a backup folder file.

NOTE: Backups in the previous versions of Windows OS were generated only as an application readable file. Thus, users were not able to open and read them. Only features that were available were to backup data or restore it.

1226201663309 backup2

There exists a Windows Image Backup copy too in the destination path chosen for backup, which is generally an external storage media, while here we have used the same machine for representation purpose.

1226201663309 backup3

If you want to know how to extract data from Windows 7 backup Zip file, you need to double click on the backup generated with a ‘disk icon’. The screen shown above will be displayed with different backup and restore options. Choose the first option, i.e. ‘Restore my files from this backup’.

Failure in Restoring Windows 7 Backup

Described above is the simplest method of restoring backup for Windows 7. However, there are instances wherein you may fail to restore data from your backup, which will be notified to you with an error. The error may state that the backup may either be in use by another instance or is found corrupt.

Tip: Try to shut down all unnecessary processes from the background and try again to restore. If it still doesn’t work, then your backup is probably corrupt.

In this case, you may just be left with a few sets of Windows 7 backup zip files only, which will remain of no use without the ability to be restored or extracted.

1226201663310 backupfiles4

Alternate Solution to Extract Data From Windows 7 Backup Zip

Backups are the most crucial to any business or personal computer user. We tend to rely on them for sustaining our precious data from previous years without the headache of them taking up storage space on the current machine.

However, at the same time, these backup also tend to become susceptible to corruption easily. The cause could be mismanagement or lack of maintenance shown towards the backup set.

You can always go for an alternative from the commercial software industry. Third party tools turn out to be the ultimate solution to such circumstances. By rendering guaranteed successful results, external application tend to become the best one could have to know how to extract data from Windows 7 backup zip file despite a corrupt state.

BKF Recovery : The expertise of this utility is to restore data from backups with further options that make the procedure convenient and customizable for users. You can restore a Windows backup of previous OS versions in .bkf format as well as extract data from a Windows 7 ZIP backup file.

Moreover, the product features the option to extract unlimited number of Zip archives posing as the backup of your Windows 7 machine without any limitations imposed on the number of files or size of backup.

Take a Trial : Just try the SysTools BKF Recovery product with its freeware version and get an overview of its working. You can download the demo version free and preview the restore items for assurance on the recovery. Once done, the software license can be purchased in order to avail complete facilities of restoration after recovery too.

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