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Aug 10, 2016 | Education

Running Government Is Not Like Running A Family Business Mr. Eric Trump Jnr

Running Government Is Not Like Running A Family Business Mr. Eric Trump Jnr

Great Speech but i wonder who that candidate may be, because Mr. Trump ignorance and proneness has already threaten his own tenure of the presidency even if the world begin thinks different of him Now .

Charity begins at home just like knowledge and wisdom but only few men among those born with silver spoon in their mouths has the sense and wisdom to truly understand the desires and core needs of the poor in society. Almost 90% of this category of people thinks money is everything, and end up jeopardizing the future of their own families and yet unborn generations.

A man has to practice what they preach Because the world needs candidates with Selfless Humanitarian values who understands the core needs of the people to lead them NOT selfish and self-centered individuals who thinks running government is like running a family business.

Now About Mrs Trump ; Plagiarism or no plagiarism, mistakes becomes intentional when you try to defend it rather than admit,apologize and move into the correction zone. Even Miss Obama understands that in the game for public acceptance , words can be similiar and the same but actions differentiates them.

Personally saw nothing wrong with her words because crowd appearance tention alone can confuse you especially when it`s your first time but everything became wrong when someone has to claim they caused those errors.

"vote for a selfless candidate with great attitude and moral manners who can`t be bought,sold,purchased,brided,coerced,intimidated, OR steered from the path that is right, and just, and true AND if you confused about whom to vote for then Vote for GOD . He Loves America More than you and i.


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