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04.11.2013 Business

What are the Outstanding Advantages of Sawdust Dryer?

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Sawdust dryer results from constant conversion of burning energy,sawdust dryer represents more powerful energy and innovation, then what advantages does sawdust drying machine own?

1 Fast drying rate and high drying intensity
The heat transfer coefficient can reach 300 -- 500cal/m3; it adopts the high temperature and high humidity drying process, the heat transfer coefficient is high, the highest yield per hour is 15 tons of dry material;

2 Energy saving and low drying cost
The drying machine is of full automatic control, continuous operation and high thermal efficiency, the use of advanced similar superheated vapor state makes it energy-efficient 15%~20% than conventional drying system, hot-blast stove fuel form includes biomass, waste wood, wood, coal and other branches.

3 Good drying quality
Machine adopts speed regulation, it is equipped with the uniform feeding machine, fuel and gas adopts proportional regulating the combustion machine, fuzzy control device, automatic temperature control, the drying quality is guaranteed without any loss of effective ingredients in the materials.

4 Safe production and good working environment
Pipeline has explosion device, automatic fire extinguishing device, safe and reliable production; the whole system adopts negative pressure operation, it possesses no dust, no noise, good production environment.

New sawdust dryer has more excellent material drying effect, exquisite technology, advanced technology, stable performance, high yield, low energy consumption, small occupied area, high degree of mechanization. Sawdust can fully dry in the rotating cylinder, and sawdust in the material conveying pipe again before fully dispersed, so that the moisture to evaporate quickly, block can be blocked impurity sawdust in, to ensure access to material conveying pipe in sawdust quality. Sawdust into sawdust dryer by blowing with the rotary cylinder interaction, the material in the barrel of fluidized air and material, full contact, complete drying. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use etc..

Kefan drying machine is always your right choice,your satisfaction is our consistent pursuit.

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