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Apr 15, 2013 | Medical

Inheritance of Psychical Health beyond Boundaries of Clinical Treatment?

Inheritance of Psychical Health beyond Boundaries of Clinical Treatment?
Inheritance of Psychical Health beyond Boundaries of Clinical Treatment?

Inheritance of Psychical Health beyond Boundaries of Clinical Treatment?

“… What was the reason to be landed in the states oceans of Emergency Psychiatry unit hospital beds instead of local airport for summer vacation in the Islands of Jersey or in Guernsey sir?

My precious health seem never intend to accept the way myself today acting alone but placed by medical professional under the medical board health category by any means to suffer silently with oceans of smokeless pains which never can be identify by any method of electronic devices you may indeed claim to have evidences of health the true picture of the truth in the eyes of the critical patients beds.

Do I know the reason why am I here in hospital bed alone?

I use to be very smart loving with three pieces suit and tie on and dress smartly before any beauty can apply lipstick in their lips! Today by looking at my own bedroom wall mirror myself once again I lost in the middle of the Sea?

Why myself refuse to accept who am I today? Have I portrayed myself to be a dishonest in the eyes of the medical board professional's or to lives in a lies beyond clinical lies detectors?

The answers I was searching all over the world instead of Church, Mosque, and or the Temple, but I could not find anywhere local national Library either unfortunately, my cousin brother the author of the well-known book of 'Encyclopaedia of Britannica' mentioned out of hundred religion 'Mo-Ham-Mad'—(Saw), was successful in life journey of revelation in culture age of ignorance in Islam that was almost fourteen hundred years ago. Today book of Encyclopaedia of Britannica say to is only religion on earth out of hundred in the nation.

But I do not believe his spoken smokeless word today into (Sorry those whom I may offend by) paper. Fourteen hundred years ago nation also regarded was mad, crazy and liars even today most of Honorable writers, authors, publishers, producers, criticise regarding his mission of culture in Islam!

Without weight a single alphabetical letter 'M' how much it weight in scales or cost should anyone places in the electronic scales? Singles grains of 'Rices' or 'Gold' weights that cost most of our precious life either to buy or to dies for? In the Intensives care unit hospital beds most doctors says 'Nil by Mouth?' I mean yes nil by mouth not even single “RICES” in the patients mouth? Without, medical doctors written concerned. Am I not lost in the oceans of nearest states hospital beds?

Searching through the gates of Holy Bible Quran the Quranic (verses), (Articles), Sura: Nas, Falak and Iklas-(Sincerity), I Lost words how to describe in a sentences in the presences of none-believers Doctors ( 1 Timothy 5: 07--09), the university graduates doctorates clams never heard of Holy Bible nor Quran, and of course, those who claims to know the Holy Bible and Quran are seem lost in the oceans of under the hand of Infidel medical Board society, which allow members of public free N.H.S. packet of condoms and give advice on human being life.

Leaving our entire community individual life beyond human imagination, thought, and mind and within our soul nothing but description of infidel way of life age of modern digital technology communication.

Living innocent individuals life to struggle in the eyes of the foreign doctorates doctors employed by 163 years who has been stolen British India, the British Government today Islamic medical professionals also agree with none-Believers doctors their qualification medical certificates obtain from 'Bandit' 163 years stolen the British India.

Today to give medical explanation instead of following the well-known 'Bandit' in India, 'Nijam Dakait' who was well known in India as a Bandit who became Islamic religious representatives the holy Saints. Today society no longer believes in Holy Saints words or written documentary evidences but only university graduates whatever he or she says which has neither interest nor any values to us patients of all?

Now a day too many reporters, authors, writers, publishers, Ministers, occupied our home land and digital internet over taken our local newspaper editor jobs, too many to mentioned became internet digital reporters or provide lives news broadcast from there and then if everyone became reporter and editors who going to read not Holy Bible but newspaper or internet articles?

Our government open the back door for author Abdul Haye Amin to rest in intensive care unit hospital beds and read every one news report or articles, those writers may never paid duty of states taxes to Honorable Lord Jesus Christ, (R.A), and his beloved father [Allah] fives times a days.

You and myself, today I going to read such articles where local Churches are left empty or closed. Thanks to digital internet communications to close our nearest Churches, temples, or Mosques, lack of financial support to maintain or to run every day.

In history in Europe Roman Empire written in gold coin the name of Lord in Arabic sentences as follows;

“La-He-La-Ha-Hil-Lal-La-Hu”—(God/Dues/Ram/Allah), “Mo-Ham-Ma-Dur-Ra-Su-Lul-La”—(Saw),--Prophet Mohammad is the last and first Messengers in culture. The Declaration of Faith, (Kalima/Virtue/Acts of Apostle 4:12).

Which is discovered in the Jungle Bonn, City, Germany? And inside human being lung clearly written fourteen hundred years ago the hand written Holy Bible Quranic verses (Articles) the declaration of faith in the forest.

The gold coin it is understood according to Islamic Muslims magazine in the British Museums held by. To see the truth publics have to pay to see the truth in the Museum.

The reasons individuals to fall into sickness must be reasons the cause for patients to act such a way that medical board some time find very difficult to compromise or to handle the patients symptoms they suffer as a result sometime patients lose the control to communicate within his or her beliefs of faith beyond our imaginations. The man-made method of medication often loses the true picture of symptoms patients suffer in silent pain with sorrow of sadness.

The medical Board often never seek to explore the knowledge of his or her culture to identify the reason why patients act differently?

(A), The Culture, (B), Generations, (C), Religion, (D), Faith and Trust, (E), Education in Knowledge, (F), Individuality / The Gender. (G), Domiciles/ Community/ Financial.

Every individuals should come up with an idea from 'A to G' the reason why individuals fall into oceans of sickness some time seem patients never secure their health and suffer side effect rest of entire life. Therefore entire society suffers for the sake of one person not only his or her families they belong to? It an early sign from almighty God you and I fall into the hand of devil or Evil spirits of status of god instead of real [Holy Bible Quran Sura: Yasin] almighty God.

Sometime, somewhere, someone fall into such a way local community by any means never should forget the way patients was seen acting in our society which mean to inform others in culture, in Generation, to learn as an early sign of spiritual education from the patients as an individual or a person life the gender female or male patients in the domiciles they claim to be born in a community he or she was brought up to lead the community or the states alone!

(A), The Culture.
You and I was brought up from early as since from Primary School, what lesson have we learned from board of Education?

(B), Generations.
Do we have anyone else suffering same symptoms? What is in tablet information instruction stated compare with Holy Bible and Quran to find the true answers for your symptoms from?

(C), Religion.
which religion are we belong too to lead our community, if any of your religion representatives ever came to inform you the way you and I should be brought up. The religion representatives the Prophet? What did your prophet says in your Holy Bible?

(D), Faith and Trust.
What faith and trust you and I came up to lead out normal life? The faith should be tested by trust what you and or I believes in if we can survives the political storm?

(E), Education in Knowledge.
Dose anyone in your generation knows how to read the scripture of Holy Bible or Quran? Not novel prize winner book but what does Holy Bible says to you? At the time adding your own thought and knowledge duration of your difficulty in your life as patients?

(F), Individuality / The Gender.
What sex group you and I belong to? Are you followers of LGBT?

(G), Domiciles/ Community/ Financial.
Which country are you born and the reason to be foreigner or Emigrants. Does your community care you the most of all as an individual's person?

If above-mentioned question your answer is “Yes” as most dating agency use when person like other by clicking “Yes” mean “I Love You” which mean my bedroom door is open for you and I?

Unfortunately, in Biblical language “Yes” mean are you fall in love with Religion representatives which is nearest Churches, Temple or Mosque door is open for you to investigates your 'Culture' your 'Generation' your Religion, your faith and trust your Education and Knowledge the genders in a country the reason you and I suffer as sickness rest of our entire life?

I do sincerely hope 'American College of Cardiology's' will think not once but twice concerning the month of fasting in Islamic Muslims country reason why Muslim adopt fasting holy month of Ramadan?

(G), Domiciles/ Community/ Financial.
If you ever was born outside your generation belong to, then you must search for clue the reason you was in a foreign country? Ask your community leaders why are you in a foreign country by leaving your own domiciles and own peoples?

It may be due to financial consequences. Or your parent was in a foreign country and therefore you were born. What is your mother language and is your mother from same background as your father?

If it not same background your symptom is on the air as local radio station many miles away you and I can hears the melody sound of producers or singers singing in the studio therefore our both ears and mind fulfil the desire of radio station.

Otherwise, radio station would be closed as local Churches if no one else switches it on to hear the radio. The same method is applied as our symptoms far as radio waves reach to inform others we are not different from appointed Lord Representative ever was in this world. Therefore no domiciles states can afford to ignore the messenger of Lord in this Kingdom nor there is any medication or treatment can ever cure from our unknown symptoms.

You have today choices for your symptoms from graphic 'G' to 'A' to find the correct the sentences the reason you suffer in a community everyone cry for your health and welfare rights. Today you going to restore your not only life but entire community, leave your foreign country, to go to your own home town to nearest Church you will learned lesson, and what 'Faith' you have built your 'Trust' in a religion you must have clear sign of Lord.

Tell your generation if they adopting falsehood in revelation? Then you have right to surrender your culture in [Holy Bible Quran Sura: Kafirun: John: 16: 5--17] again from your symptoms you have many thing learned from your suffering to lead your own domiciles country for better life on earth. You don't deserve something extra special from your neighbourhood but equal as your own Instead of dependent on someone else financially? By virtue of birth born brothers and sisters.

The reason you became as a foreigner you to improve life from your own neighbour or from your generation that is the symptom today you are suffering [Holy Bible: Matthew: 12: 42—46: alone!

Because it sound you are religious your generation belong to believers therefore you have being chosen by almighty God to prosecute you to go to the states hospital to lead your own generation within as stated in a Holy Bible and or Quran. Unless otherwise, entire generations and many follower will ruin their own identities of culture as mentioned in the book of Law the holy Bible and or Quran.

We all knows very well when treatment is failure most doctor declare the patients is suffering symptoms “Cancers” that mean no medication or treatment. Are we not taking a word from none-believers doctors who never heard of “Bis-Mil-La-Hir-Rak-Ma-Nir-Ra-Him”—(786), in their life forget about treatment. “Bis-Mil-La-Hir-Rak-Ma-Nir-Ra-Him”—(786), mean in English language “Introduction” in Arabic mean “Bis-Mil-La-Hir-Rak-Ma-Nir-Ra-Him”—(786), Which is mean in English “In the name of almighty God, (Allah/God/Dues/Ram), the most merciful and most beneficial of mankind”

This articles (Holy Bible Quran Verses), was first time presented to Prophet Mohammad-(Saw), to introduce the domiciles or the states alone. And it is the name of 'Heaven' and or medication for those who believes in the name of Churches of god?

Which I discovered many doctors refuse to agree with as mentioned “Bis-Mil-La-Hir-Rak-Ma-Nir-Ra-Him”—(786), term and conditions. By ignoring Lord almighty 'LAW' and order where are we landing instead of local Islands of Jersey or Guernsey the most beautiful airport but in the local Psychiatry unit hospital bed?

To entrainment with foreign doctors and nurses doctors or nurses never heard of name of God in Arabic sentences! But taken patients to secure their health can you believe?

Which country court of Justice going to forgives for our mistakenly breaking the law of the states? If no country ever going to forgive then your honour above our head is known almighty God who never going to forgive nor will he ever gives us second chances to restore our mistaken thought, faith and trust?

Trust is another word mean 'Symptoms,' 'punishment,' Love, or 'crimes.'

For examples month of holy Ramadan millions of Muslims brothers and sisters around the world keep one entire month 'Fasting' the order of the almighty God they never seen or met in his or her life but observes the month of Holy Ramadan is so-called 'Trust' yes it 'Trust' . Or sign of love how much they love in absent from God?

Sincere Muslims will die if anyone orders to betray the trust. Another word none-Muslims followers of Prophet (Lord) Jesus Christ, (R, A), never believes month of Holy Ramadan is an 'Crimes' committed by therefore direct punishment from almighty god 'Symptoms' given to prosecute those who betrayed the 'Trust' of god on earth.

Today head Line News British United Kingdom International newspaper Daily Mail articles writes as follows “Fasting for 24 hours 'may cut your risk of heart disease and diabetes'”

Doctors discovered those who keep 'Fasting' are safe from symptom of heart disease and diabetes click here to read daily mail story. [] or you may have already held a copy of press.

Fourteen hundred years ago mad, crazy, and lair (Na-Wo-Zu-Billa), mentioned 'Fasting' one month none- believers never believed in today British and America (USA) Doctors are going to fight with patient to keep fasting-(Sub-Han-Allah), may God bless those foreign doctors who discovered fasting is the answers for the most symptoms, please doctors keep fighting until British and America Government legalise one month compulsory 'Fasting' as 'No Smoking' banned in most public places. And or as our Government legalised a man can marry another man, and woman can marry another woman the diplomatic sign of how civilized we are in this Kingdom of God?

Doctors your word is most counted if it true news from British daily mail newspaper than one day I can 101.99% assure you U.S.A. and UK government going to ban one month 'Nil by mouth' for one entire calendar month if patient want to live extra life on earth. I mean extra 'Visa' extended by America and British Home Offices to those who believe in the name of Churches. And therefore, tax payer's money millions of pound could be safe hand and invest in used to distribution of free N.H.S. packet of condoms and see-through, shortest mini-skirt revelation in heritage, in culture, in generation yet to come?

The benefit of keeping one month fasting I cannot describe the glory in word because my second language English to express passionately in word I do not know how to write in grammar language to please my honourable readers of all walk of life those who read my articles.

Where 3Million plus visitors, readers, or viewers alone regarded myself as 'Popularity' recorded in the U.S.A. America online Library. All I can says 'it's your health' you are suffering not “GOVERNMENT” or “Doctors” but you and I today have to decides the colour of truth which way to drive our life. Remember hundred years is only less than one minute life on earth majority peoples never live more than hundred years because due to infidel and disbelieves act of worship in the Kingdom of God.

Remember your home Secretary, is “Jesus Christ” ( “He-Sa-Ru-Hu-Lul-La-He”—(R, A), and his beloved father order to keep one month fasting do I need to express any more warning sign to my readers? You may hold a copy of Holy Bible instead of English book of poetry 'The Islands Historia De Amor.' To guide your own life on earth free from any known sickness in this world of love.

Another word Fasting kill or assassinate all known disease inside 'you' and I without any bullet, Gun or medication and home secretary of States 'He-Sa-Ru-Hu-Lul-La-He”—(R.A), extend his visa to his or her peoples to lives extra on earth to glorify his or her God in the Kingdom of Almighty (God) Allah. Take no word from me but from Holy Bible and Quran to guide your life beyond your clinical treatment don't take clinical lies detectors answers but true word from Holy Bible alone?

Infidel and surrogate society we are living in will try to make you and I believe their trade of lies in the name of medications, medication instead of Holy Bible and Quranic words? Make sure you are safe from victims of 'Frauds' in treatment.

May almighty God bless those who suffering in the states hospital alone? Especially those who readers book of poetry 'The Islands Historia De Amor' and Bangla book of poetry 'Nil Dariar Prem' and this articles except [LGBT] my God your visual spiritual lights must be given to every readers home as seen nine month old boy body in Russia written in his own body by [ الله ] Allah] your name discovered written in the skies make every readers homes those who read my articles to fall in love with you and glorify you in prostration in praying mat (Jay Na Maj) the nearest local Churches.

Instead of representing myself bilingual author Abdul Haye Amin name as popularity in the public Library and or in the universes. Author knew for sure one day's blink of my own eyes I shall leave this cruel world for good nothing will ever hold on me to treasure to remain but only your name on earth.

Finally Nutritionist Dr Emma Williams said: 'I wouldn't be in a hurry to commence fasting, as the precise nature by which the body reacts to it remains relatively unknown.'

My due respect [Holy Bible: Matthews: 13:13—18: Holy Bible Quran Sura: Zariat:56 ] to Nutritionist Dr Emma Williams should he or she ever has time to visit nearest Churches it would be known instead of as mentioned “Unknown” the reactions of human body want five time a day, 'Fresh Green Salad' to be taken without alcohol drinks. your public statement proves us you never being to local Sunday Churches nor taken tablet 'Seroxat' in your life time? Nor heard of Holy Month of Ramadan?

Nutritionist doctors how long medical Board going to last by ignoring the true message of appointed Lord, how long are you going to fool your own peoples not your honour, Sir, or madam but doctors?

Quotation from Doctor “He-Sa-Ru-Hu-Lul-La-He”-(R.A), mentioned under the medical book called Holy Bible as follows;

“…I tell you the truth, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened. Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away”—(Holy Bible: Matthew 24: 34—36).

Instead of encouragement to the own peoples to true guidance in life not what human doctors says but what our Prophet told us in the age of ignorance's is count?

Finally the last explanation from the Holy Bible Quran Sura Kafirun-(Those who reject Faith), as follows;

'…I, having been given the truth, cannot come to your false ways: you, having your vested interests, will not give them up. For your ways the responsibility is yours: I have shown you the truth. For my ways the responsibility is mine: you have no right to ask me to abandon the truth. Yours persecutions will be vain: the truth must prevail in the end'. This was the attitude of faith then: but it is true for all time. Hold fast to truth. “In scorn of consequence”.—(6291--Sura Kafirun Explanation from Arabic to English Translated Holy Bible Quran).

Similar instruction discovered under the tablet 'Risperidone or Mirtazapine or Injection 'Flupentixol'-decanoate injection' as follows;

“Risperidone is one of a group of medicines called antipsychotics which are used to treat certain types of mental illnesses that can affect the way you think, feel, speak and behave. The symptoms of those illnesses include delusions, hallucinations', (for example hearing or seeing things which are not there), unusual suspiciousness and becoming withdrawn. Peoples suffering from those illnesses may also feel depressed, tense or anxious.

Risperidone is also used to treat the symptoms of bipolar disorder which include feeling 'High' or excited, having excessive amounts of energy, needing less sleep than usual and being more talkative with racing thoughts.”--- (Tablet Risperidone information Instruction).

Islam is the true guidance of journey, 'Think, Feel, and Speak and behave,' since by virtue of birth born until day of death no other religion to be (John: 16: 5---17), counted. The book of Encyclopaedia of Britannica' was indeed correct out of hundred religions Islam was the only true culture at the time of press until this world is end. Unless otherwise stated. May almighty Lord bless us all walk of life peoples and safe our soul from infidel surrogate society many decade and years to come?

Book Trailer: The Islands Historia De Amor:

By Bilingual Author Abdul Haye Amin.

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