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Minding My Own Business

By raymond acquah

With everyone who matters in managing the business of the motherland converging to pick one form, the nation's business grounded to a halt for the better part of the day.if people would forsake the motherlands business they were elected to mind because they want to mind their own business of getting selected by their congress so close to mother's day, all one can say is that "do little" may be guaranteed to continue unabated.

Besides the time wasted in attending to the motherlands business of the day,try and do a bit of arithmetic by calculating how much fuel was wasted in the jammed traffic, the wear and tear especially of old vehicles and above all, the unnecessary escalation of the stress levels of motorists. compatriots doing genuine business to support the motherland's economy were grounded for the day. it beats my imagination for anyone to think that this is how to govern a middle income lower country!well this could well explain why 'maverick' ,'disappointed appointee' congressperson Nyaunu thinks there is a need to change the yutong bus driver.

Taking the yutong bus for the motherland congressperson citizen number two, also think all yutong drivers have their problems and that none was perfect, a point i perfectly agree with!

Though yutong and yutong bus driving began from january 7,2009, well if u dont believe me ask Amina: i mean Amina yutong, not okpo Amina! yes amina yutong also known as Amina fear and panic, i hope u can decipher the difference now!

Seriously i've been asking myself, so what is it about this particular "honest, peace loving and God fearing"yutong bus driver that his passengers are busy distracting him and asking that he be changed! OK so is there truism in the plenty accusations like: so many problems are arising out of speeding at 150kph to grab mansions and stuff cheeks(source:papa jay) while decelerating at 10kph in development by commissioning small, small projects?

well if congress succeed in retaining him as driver, the competition with the patriotic driver begins! so still there will be no time for the motherlands business and this makes my heart bleed!

I am therefore admonishing the Yutong bus driver and his troublesome passengers to work hard,not at internecine struggles but at improving the lot of Ghanaians, if nothing at all fulfill only the education side of the original 2008 manifesto!and please refuse to waste our time and scarce resources on petty somewhat emotional quarrels that seems to be beclouding the motherlands development. im sure u, who is reading this, will also mind your business, after all it's our business!

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