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The Fractured Family

By Shakiru Akinyemi
What a Pity!!!!!!!!!What a Pity!!!!!!!!!

The family is a group of people
Living together, they say
It is your point of contact
For food, shelter and clothing
But when i knew how to eat
I realized i was not in a family
I was among a fractured family
It was like a being in a den
Of loins and sheep alike
I wake up in the morning
Only to realise i was not happy
Everyone was living for himself
Thinking of himself, what to eat
Those i thought were blood
Rather sought to see my tears
Mocking me with words i cannot utter
Laughing me to scorn because
I went to school they never went
Those i thought were blood
Would look at me with disdain
As i looked through their eyes
Into their hearts, curses flowing
Right and left
I saw mum, dad, bro, sis
But how much could they help
They were also victims
Children facing harsh realities
Fractured family, but wow, surgery was no option
As though the devil struck God
I wondered how i could help
But i was to wounded to
My heart bleeding with pain
But wait!
For a moment i thought t'was a curse
But as i write
I think it's more than a curse
For nothing good comes where greed lives
Why should we strive against one another
Just because of
'Our father property'
Where do i stand now?
I dont know, im just standing
Hoping some luck (mercy and favour) comes my way
That i may live my dream
Written by Shakirudeen Akinyemi
(C) Copyright 2011. All rights reserved

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