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Gutter cleaning why you must do it

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Now that the spring is coming to an end and winter is just a few weeks away, most house proud people know what the next big house maintenance job should be. That's correct; it's time to look at cleaning the gutters! Ok, let's be frank, gutter cleaning is not exactly the most enjoyable household job, and can actually be quite dangerous particularly if you don't like heights. If this is you then clearly you best options are to either hire a professional or learn how to clean your gutters the proper way, with safety in mind.

To begin, you will need to pick a good time to go out and do the gutter cleaning. You should ideally plan your external gutter cleaning about two weeks in advance, and the reason for that is? It is not uncommon to clean the gutters out only to have a massive rain storm shortly afterwards that will almost immediately re-fill your gutters again with leaves and other forms of debris. So always take a look at the fourteen day weather forecast and choose a day that is going to be the mildest to do your cleaning. Also bear in mind that just as you don't want it to rain, equally you don't want it to be too hot .

Once you have decided on the day you are going to clean your gutters, it's now time to prepare your equipment. You will need a trowel or some other suitable tool for scooping the leaves, mud and mosses ect. out of the gutters and a bucket to but it in. You will also need a ladder high enough to reach your gutters. Depending on what kind of roof you have you might be able to wear a safety harness that can be attached to the roof. If you are going to take advantage of a safety a harness makes sure you have a suitable climbing rope and know how to tie knots properly. If the task demands you need a tall ladder it is always a good idea to have a ladder holder. Make sure that the ladder is stable and is positioned on even ground and it is at the right angle before you venture up it.

For additional safety reasons it is best to have someone else is at home with you when you set out to clean the gutters. If you slip or fall, you need to have someone available who can call for help, if necessary.

The next step is to have a plan of action. Before you are ready to actually start the work, you have to form a system to help you determine the most time efficient route for move around your home cleaning all the gutters. Many homes have an upper and a lower set of gutters. Upper gutters are for second level of homes and can usually be accessed from the lower roof, and subsequently tall ladder will not be required, but if the height of your gutter calls for tall ladders, you will need to purchase or hire a set of double variable ladders with setting that allows for use on slanted roofs.

To quickly recap, gutter cleaning is an important process and should never be taken lightly. It's not pleasant and it's messy and there is always a risk of falling from your ladder and hurting yourself. If you don't like heights and are not physically fit, it might be a better idea to hire a professional tradesman. A professional commercial gutter cleaning company will have the correct equipment, trained staff and system for adequately cleaning gutters, and if they are a legitimate organization, special liability insurance that will protects you from any damage if any member of their staff falls off your roof. So! There you have it all you need to know about gutter cleaning london!

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