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Sep 5, 2009 | Personal

Lord God almighty…


I greet you in the name of your only begotten son, who died for me to become a joint heir with him as far as your kingdom and its righteousness are concerned. Lord, I acknowledge that I am a sinner, in fact a very troublesome sinner at that whose sins make you frown in anger. Yet, I am also delighted that your grace is sufficient for me and that every morning, you give me more opportunities to draw closer to you.

Thank you for cleansing me from all unrighteousness and for correcting me when I transgress. Please wash me continuously with the blood that Jesus shed on my behalf, for I acknowledge the sovereignty and suzerainty of you Jehovah….As a matter of fact, I am learning why King David wormed himself into your heart and gained tremendous favour from you because he delighted in your word and would exchange nothing for an opportunity to be in your presence; if for nothing at all, there is both fullness of joy and absoluteness of absolute security in your presence, for who else can lift a standard against the enemy when the enemy shows up but you? You are God almighty and it is of your mercies that we are not consumed.

glorious in holiness
Who at all can we compare to you, you who are glorious in holiness and fearful in praises? You whose glory the earth declares while the firmament takes delight in outdooring your handiwork! Exalted be your magnified name forever and may your grace continue to abound to your children. May your glory fill the earth now and always as the waters cover the sea.

Father almighty, I have had to approach your throne room of grace about a matter I presented to you herein when I wrote about “The Emperor's New Clothes”. Lord I have not received any response from you yet, and as mortal as I am, my heart rests restlessly in my heaving chest, for I see the long arm of your archest arch enemy troubling the spirit of your chosen ones, the people of Ghana.

Lord, I know that you have assured us in your word, that though the vision tarry, yet shall it come to pass, but as for this tarrying, it is eating at us and threatens to sway even those who are called by your name to become called by other names, the kind of names that make you visit the iniquities of our fathers unto the third and fourth generations.

Lord, I for one do not want the baby boy you gave me to have to warn his children that the iniquity of my refusal to stand in the gap would be visited on them and thus say to them after I am long gone “woe to your generation, for the Lord is about to cast you into bondage until the sins of the fathers have been atoned for in the year when the fog shall rise out of the last gestating dragon egg”. God almighty, I shudder with a fright, for who can stand your wrath?

Indeed in my one score and so many years life, I have realized that it is indeed a fearful thing to fall into your wrath, a wrath that is triggered by our actions and inactions, especially after you have warned us jointly and severally to desist from our ungodly ways and to repent from our copious bouts of sinful sinfulness.

Father God, you are the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. In fact you are the only one who knows the beginning from the end and the end from the beginning. Thus, you know all history. Lord, do you remember Rasputin? He was your truant son who decided to mess with the head of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. Father, Rasputin did very bad things, especially with Tsar Nicholas wife Alexandria.

Lord, I learned that Rasputin wormed his way into the heart of the Tsarina after he healed the heir to the Russian throne from hemophilia. In other words, Rasputin filled a need within the highest level of Russian society and through that, became the de facto advisor on governmental affairs in the Tsar's royal courts.

I know that you my Lord, know what spirits Rasputin was operating with, for you know all things, including the hidden things in the heart of man which your word tells us in Jeremiah 17:9 that the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked. If anybody can know it, it surely is you. Lord I resubmit below, the request I presented before you that you have not given me any response to:

The Land of Our Death has a new “emperor”. Like Czar Nicholas before him, our emperor has his own “Rasputin”, who much to the chagrin of empire courtiers, wields unbridled influence in matters outside the purview of his occultic practices but having a direct bearing on the direction and fortunes of the government.

His “Rasputinic Joshua” and his counsel have induced the very people who claimed they wanted a “God-fearing leader” to ask the self-same God to make the counsel of Joshua come to naught, like David prayed in the case of Ahitophel as recounted in the second book of Samuel 15: 31.

These “we want a God-fearing leader” posse, whether by accident or design, have come to the conclusion that truly, all that glittered was not gold and that they have invariably invited the wrath of the almighty unto the Land of Our Death. If the wailing souls of Jehovah in our land are bemused with a bemusement, you the reader of this column can only be forgiven for gasping in surprise at the goings on in our dear piece of God's earth.

Lord, when your son Jesus Christ was returning to you in order to prepare a place for us to come and give you eternal praise and worship, he told us about your Holy Spirit, the comforter who you would send in his name to teach us all things and cause us to remembrance of your teachings. We need your Holy Spirit and your divine presence even more now, for Father Almighty, things are moving from bad to worse here.

influence of Joshua
For some reason, your custodians are themselves becoming confounded by the influence of Joshua within the echelons of political and governmental power in this piece of earth you have allowed us to call home. Father, you remember your son J.J Rawlings? He has also been complaining about the extent to which Joshua is playing with the head of your son who you have given political authority to administer this land for a while. Lord, the 'king' you have given us listens to Joshua only.

I have always asked one question about Joshua, who comes from my paternal great-great-grandfather's country a mere 45 minutes flight from our airspace. How come that Jesus Christ, your only begotten son, actually went through ministerial courses till he was ready for ministry before you found it right to use him after being baptized by John the Baptist and yet, Joshua, who is messing with our leader's head and health has never understudied any known man of God?

It is true that your ways are mysterious and thus I will like to know, if I find favour with you, how it is that Joshua appears to be an exemption? In other words, I am asking you my father: does Joshua have more grace than your own begotten son Jesus Christ?

Immortal God, these questions agitating my mind have come about from some strange occurrences in this country ever since his influence came to bear in our national affairs.

Lord, I believe with every sinew in my being that Joshua is the very embodiment of the occultic occultism that infuriates you so much to answer by fire. Lord, Joshua has been manifesting in locked places and compelling people to do things that they would otherwise not do; if he had an airline, I would have asked your deceitful catholic children to go pour their (un)holy water on the airline and call it JoshuaAir.

However, he has none, but has been 'appearing' to people in this land. Lord God, I know that Zizi and his bunch of snoopers and eavesdroppers read this column, so I would not mention names, but if such common people who you know, because you know all things, can be visited by Joshua in their locked rooms, would he need an invitation to appear to the most powerful person in this country?

Lord, why has this most powerful person's heart been hardened like Pharaoh before him even to the extent that he would not want to heed advice for him to have a direct relationship with you through Jesus and Jesus Christ only?

God all-knowing, it is these things and many more that I cannot put herein that are making this nation's spirit so troubled. Lord, the ruling class is mourning that they are not producing the results that are expected from the promises they made to your people.

The opposition is crying that confusion has become “basaa” and there seems to be no plan by the ruling government to thrust this country into rapid national development.

Lord, these days, when you have both government and opposition on a complaining spree, we may not need a Daniel to tell us that judgment is coming upon us. Maybe, just maybe, that is why your son J.J. Rawlings is on a Sampson mission, exercising a right to the famous Sampson Option that they teach in top-notch exclusive security and intelligence courses.

It appears Joshua has had unction from the deepest recesses of hell and returned to cast spells of doom and gloom to the extent that even those who should see through are blinded by his occultic miracles and demonic prowess at displaying traits attributable to the spiritual wickedness in heavenly places and the occultism of the rulers of the dark world.

Lord, please cause the people in my party, especially Bartels' friends and Asamoah Boateng to stop looking unto Joshua and desist from sending emissaries to ask Joshua to impress upon the most powerful man you have placed over us to do this or that in order to save this or that person from the clutches of Zizi's men and the laws of this land. I know that the only person who can save is Jesus and to confer that right or capability on Joshua must be the height of demonic counterfeiting, isn't it my Lord?

Lord, I have one more request and a favour to ask of you: please reveal yourself in a unique way to all the Bishops who are called by your name in this country to come together to reason together with you. Please appear to them in dreams so that they would hearken to your edicts and shirk their NDC-NPP biases for the work you are about to give to them.

divine wisdom
I pray for divine wisdom for the Archbishop Duncan-Williams and all the elders you have placed over your sheep. May you grant the spirit of oneness to bridge the political and personal divides between Mensa Anamua Otabil, Charles Agyin Asare, Appiakai Tackie-Yarboi, Samuel Kuranchie Ankrah, Eastwood Anaba, Vaglas Kanko, James Saah, Reverend Markwei, Robert Ampiah-Kwofie, Dag Heward-Mills so that using them as the point of contact to represent many others, we may break the yoke of Joshua around this country's neck after you have anointed them with an anointing, for it is eternally true that your anointing breaks the yoke.

In breaking the yoke also, I make supplication that all those Ichabod types that are masquerading around with variants of 'Joshuanic unction' be exposed, the same way that Jesus Christ made a public display of the devil, that even the heathen may have a testimony of your great and mighty wonders.

Finally, I pray that you show yourself strong on the behalf of the people of this country according to your will and purpose crafted at the dawn of creation.

Glory, honour, power and adoration be unto your Holy and highly exalted name of Jesus now and always, for all the Saints of God to say, Amen!

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