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12.10.2008 Political



Why, does he think all Ghanaians are like the "My-party-my-tribe-right-or-wrong" myrmidons, who our political parties pay and bus to their rallies? Perhaps it is time Ghanaian patriots insisted on society forcing our politicians to be more honest? Haba!

If truth be told, there is absolutely no difference between the economic policies of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and that pursued by the previous regime of the New Democratic Congress (NDC), during its tenure.

Unfortunately, both parties handed over the direction of our country to self-serving foreigners: with an ideological (neo-conservative!) agenda, of their own - those infernal men in dark suits from the IMF and the World Bank. Ditto the so-called "development partners" ("crucifiers-of-our-people" would probably describe those ruthless neo-colonialists better, perhaps!).

The question we must ask that genius, Dr. Bawumia, is: Are we not now seeing the end-game of those Western free-marketeers: the greed-filled and smooth-talking fat cats from the neo-liberal crowd in the Western world, unfolding before our very eyes - as the world's major capital markets experience rapid meltdown, in all the wealthy nations of the world?

So what is Dr. Bawumia blathering on about - did they not swallow the free-market-lunacy hook, line and sinker, too? Was he himself not instrumental in the pursuit of that expensive lunacy and grand-folly - which our forays into the piranha-infested waters of the capital markets of the West represents? Does it take a PhD in rocket science to realise that that is responsible for our economy finally being brought to its knees, today?

The outrage in all this, is that Dr. Bawumia's party, which neither had the nous or the gumption to campaign for debt relief during the 1990's, when some of us were doing so, has ended up piling up yet more debt: which has now finally brought our country to its knees again.

Perhaps this financial genius has not yet heard that there are some patriotic Ghanaians and ultra-nationalists, who feel that he and his ilk in our Byzantine financial services sector (swarming with sundry white collar criminals in designer suits, incidentally!) who benefited from the massive fees, which they and their foreign carpetbagger collaborators have earned thus far, ought to be prosecuted for wilfully causing financial loss to the Ghanaian nation-state?

They have finally brought our country to its knees: and succeeded in bringing us back to square one. Today, our country is currently experiencing "debt distress" (the IMF and the World Bank's euphemistic phrase for "country, broke!") - after eight years of their greed-driven economic policies.

Those policies have largely benefited only a few regime-cronies in our financial services sector and the few greedy, dishonest and powerful tribal supremacists, who now dominate his party. What perfidy!

Has this financial wizard forgotten that in the pre-HIPC days, it was precisely our unsustainable debt, which was squeezing the very lifeblood out of our country?

Looking back, is it not a wonder that the previous NDC regime was able to manage to engender any economic growth rates at all - given the fact that they regularly had to divert precious resources to pay interest on our external debt? So how can this well-educated imbecile say such things, I ask, dear reader?

Dr. Bawumia must be honest enough to admit that what happened ( when things were going well for them for a short while!), under the incompetent regime he is now a part of, is precisely what those of us who campaigned for debt relief in the 1990's said would happen if the West wrote off our debt: that our economy would finally have room to experience sustained economic growth rates.

The outrage, is that having graduated from seeking money and kickbacks from Chinese hairdressing salons in the seedy backstreets of London to develop Ghana with (and enable the few greedy crooks who dominate this regime, benefit personally from: by way of kickbacks - laundered through their opaque offshore companies, specifically set up to milk Ghana dry!), Dr. Bawumia and his party have brought us to the economic equivalent of a particularly insalubrious cul de sac. Shame on them!

Hmmm, Ghana - eyeasem oo. Asem ebaba debi ankasa! May God bless and protect our homeland Ghana, always. Long live freedom! Long live Ghana!
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