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19.09.2005 Football News

Former Hearts Board Member Slams Team Officials

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An embattled former Board member of Accra Hearts of Oak, Mr.Bright Akwettey has strongly oppossed the decision of the Club's management to hold the much talked about Congress of the Club for the first time since 1993 because of a protracted court injunction.

He said he has been fighting for the headship of the Club to render accounts to the team and it's supporters before any congress can be held.This Mr. Akwettey claims will be in conformity with the constitutional requirements of the team. Speaking on AUTHENTIC KAPITAL SPORTS ,he said even though he was chased out of the club by what he decribed as gurus in the club he is still a share holder of the team contrary to reports that he sold his shares long time ago,and therefore has every right to question the direction of the team.Mr.Akwettey condemned reports that he sold his shares many years ago and therefore has no business demanding accounts from anybody and added that even the Auditor-General's Department has records that he is a share holder of the club. Asked wheather his pesistent battles with the club since 1994 will not be interpretated to mean hatred for the club,he said if his crime is to ask Board and management to fullfill the club's constitutional provision is interpreted as hatred for the club then it is very unfortunate.

He intimated that those who claim to love the team are those who seriously hate the team,because they have run the team all these years, sold more players than any team in Ghana over the years and still owe about one million dollars. He questioned why Mr.Ato Ahwoi and Ernest Thompson have been championing the cause of the club all alone for all these years when by the club's constitution the Board is to be appointed for a period of only three years.

Mr. Akwettey contended that it is wrong for the Hearts family to begin to talk about a congress on Novenber19 since the courts have not still given the club the go ahead with the congress.He vowed to fight on untill the proper thing is done in the club that he has loved since childhood.

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