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28.04.2009 Football News

PLB to reduce ticket prices

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The Premier League Board says it will reduce ticket prices for the second half of the season in an attmept to increases attendances at League centres.

One of the minuses for the first round of the League was low patronage and the PLB wants to improve the situation.

The low turn outs have been attributed to the current global economic downturn. 

"We are seriously considering it. Indeed the PLB asked all the clubs to summit rates for their remaining  games to us but only two have responded," Abra-Appiah is quoted in the All Sports newspaper.

"We want to know the rates so we can do something about it."

The League resumes on Sunday 03 May and will be telecast on South African Pay-TV channel Super Sports after a 1.7 million Ghana cedis deal was agreed with Metro TV last week.

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