27.03.2024 Boxing

Ghana's Junior WBO Champion pay homage to Sarki Musah Yahaya Yendu

By Faisal Mustapha || Contributor
Ghana's Junior WBO Champion pay homage to Sarki Musah Yahaya Yendu
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In a momentous ceremony held at the Palace in Accra on Saturday, March 23, Sarki Musah Yahaya Yendu, the esteemed Paramount Chief of the Zabarma Community in Greater Accra, along with his cabinet members, warmly welcomed Faisel Abubakar, the newly crowned WBO Africa Junior Welterweight champion.

Abubakar's visit was twofold: to introduce himself to Chief Yahaya Yendu and his cabinet, and to present his hard-earned Africa Junior Welterweight championship title to the Chief.

During the presentation, Abubakar voiced his concerns regarding the lack of support from the Zabarma community during his bouts. Despite being a proud Zabarma native of Ghana, he lamented the absence of support, which prevented him from addressing his community in Zabarma after his fights.

Expressing his desire for unity and encouragement, Abubakar appealed to Chief Yahaya Yendu to stand behind him and show unwavering support as he continue to bring honor to Ghana, the Zongo, and the Zabarma people through his boxing endeavors.

Highlighting his boxing roots in Bukom, a suburb of Accra populated by Zabarma residents, Abubakar underscored the significant presence of Zabarma individuals in the boxing scene, with many reaching international acclaim.

Grateful for the opportunity to meet Chief Yahaya Yendu and the elders of the Zabarma community, Abubakar expressed his aspiration to attain a world title, embodying the dreams of a young and talented Zabarma and Zongo youth.

In response, Chief Yahaya Yendu reassured Abubakar of the unyielding support from Zabarma communities nationwide. He commended Abubakar for proudly acknowledging his heritage and urged him to continue uplifting boxing in Ghana while bringing honor to the Zabarma people.

Encouraging all Zabarma individuals to contribute positively to Ghana's growth, Chief Yahaya Yendu directed Sarki Masawo Modi to establish social media platforms dedicated to promoting Abubakar among the Zabarma populace.

These platforms will serve as avenues for physical, spiritual, and financial support, fostering Abubakar's career progression and further uniting the Zabarma community in Ghana.