05.09.2004 Swimming

Ghana Can Get A Medal At Olympic Swimming

By Amo-Mensah, Kwasi
Ghana Can Get A Medal At Olympic Swimming
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Olympics come and go with Ghana missing medals in chains. For me if we had prioritise swimming as a big sport in Ghana, we would have been going shoulder high, winning medals in swimming competitions. The facilities are not there to train people in swimming but if we mean to institute it as a big sport in the country, we would part ways with medal barreness at Olympics. Although we won medals before, we should explore other sports for hopes of more medals. Ghana boasts of good swimmers in the Central Region who for me are waiting to hear motivational whistle from the Ghana Olympic Commitee before puting their talents to test to get more medals for the nation. Anyone who watched last month`s Olympics would be so desperated to see Ghana there as far swimming was concerned. There are lots of places in Ghana which can give us good swimmers. Talk about towns at the coast, then you are talking about areas which can get the country into the medal zone at Olympics. You would see swimmers turning themselves inside out combined with exhibition of speed and confidence in water. Our main problem would be coaching which brings into focus the issue of securing an expartriate coach. However this would not be an impediment. If we get the facilities intact our dear swimming giants in Ghana would not see their talents going down the drain. The last Olympics saw Ghana getting zero gold, zero silver and zero bronze. Who knows maybe swimming, had we participated, would have been our only pride at the games. With Black Meteors and the Aziz Zakaris missing medals painfully, it is now time to direct our medal winning hopes on sports like swimming. Sometimes try and error is helpful. This would not even be an issue of try and error. Backed by confidence and determination, we can go places in swimming with our abundant talents.
I hope against hope that one day Ghana gives a nod to swimming as her competing game at Olympics. All the best, Ghana Athletics. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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