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The Black Land Cruisers

When power surpasses prowess,
Corruption then rules the process
Whiles litigating with free flow of progress
And finally econs call it a "recess".
White colour job is the dream of the 90% in education,

Although many end up in somewhat not the ideal situation,

Schooling is definitely what helps build an all-powerful nation.

Just like many, the African gets up in bedrooms,
And after shabbily leaving their bathrooms,
Each morning with a lunch box of mushrooms,
Arrive in hurry to follow the norms in the classrooms.

The cycle continues with future dreams carried forward,

Assumed as the job-career a guardian has for his ward.

The hullabaloo and higgledy-piggledy that led us to tertiary,

Soon leaves us in a state of fury,
Not for our wrong choices at puberty,
But the crave for scholarship and prosperity.
Behold the entangled in a course called political science,

Becoming prophets with leadership and public speaking signs.

Corruption is only a vocab for the aftermath of desire defeating achievement,

And expectations falling short of aggrandizement.
Politicians then graduate with wealth creation brainwashing their sense of commitment.

Proudly paying priority to rallies,
And giving vehement vote vying freebies,
While counting on the four-wheelers,
That's why even the witch-hunter,
Has no option than to investigate on an airbus.

By Michael Tettey Terkper

Posted by: Michael Tettey Terkper

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