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To Our Fallen Hereos

At the rise and set of the sun
A gloomy day beckons for the men in black like withered flowers, cops die each day

Yes! As quick as time they die.
Through the beatings ane lynching
And the pooh-pooh sounding of guns
Brutalities are suffered from the masses likes of Kporyi and the other comrades

These and many loathsomeness suffered they
And of the guns went into their early grave.
Painfully we die at the silent sound of the gun
Painfully we die in the glorious broad day lights
Slain we are by iron-hearted men we pledged our lives to protect

Leaving our families to bath in perpetual rivers of poverty.

But when that hour arrives with a cruel glee,
Hearts shall sing your diligent services to our motherland

For you our fallen heroes remembered shall we
In remembrance of a job well done!
Rest in peace, you our saluted heroes!
By: Felix Kwaku-Dua

by Felix Kwaku-Dua

 Posted by: Felix Kwaku[-] Dua

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