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It Happens

It happens, that is what the elderly say.
Indeed, it will happen. Yes, one day it will happen!

Whether prepared or unprepared,
When healthy or sick,
Whether actualized, or accomplished objectives in life or not,

Once it is time, it will happen.
Oh! When it occurs, the horn will blow.
That time, it doesn’t matter to death
Whether your children are young or old
No matter how people like you because of your goodness, goodwill and philanthropy;

The horn will definitely blow.
Yeah, the trumpet blows when it occurs
We sometimes think it has blown earlier than expected,

But Allah, who knows the best, says it is time.
No one has anything to say;
For the trumpet has blown.
When you hear siren, alarm, blowing, then it has happened.

Today, I hear the siren, the alarm,…… blowing.

The bell is ringing.
What is the errand?
It is bad news, very pathetic and heart braking
‘Sanders Fall’ recorded nineteen deaths, 22 injuries today twentieth March twenty seventeen. Pumpum river, a tributary of the Black Volta, has left unprintable and indelible history through a storm.

Oh ‘whasapp storm’, the selfie you shared on your wall is very disturbing.

Is it simply because the time has come?
It has really happened.
By Daniel Djan
Health Training Institutions Secretariat
Ministry of health

by Daniel Djan

 Posted by: Daniel Djan

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