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I Trust My Nights I Trust My Nights

The night is long
It is still so young
It is long doesn't provide me any satisfaction
For though very young, it has got a destination
The breezes of nights are my hope
The moonlight and the star's shine are my dreams

They are my only dreams which come true
Others pray for a bright day
I pray the nights never pass as my days are never bright like my nights are

I have got no love to smile in my eyes like the moon does at nights

I have got no love to console me when i'm perturbed like the breezes and the singing trees do at nights

No matter how woefully I shed tears inside the nights, though unable to wipe them away as they console me, they never let the cat out of the bag

Nights are my friends for they know my secrets.
Poem by: Abdallah Bin Abass Faisal (ThePassionatePoet)

by Abdallah Bin Abass Faisal

 Posted by: Abdallah Bin Abass Faisal

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