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Ageless Old man

Oh old man!
Ageless old man,
From you the orphan gets his identity.
Long lost family members you bring back into unity,
With sorrows; pains; loss
As your threads you stitch them together in unity.

Through your grey haired wisdom,
The hitherto son of a man is gleefully been offered accommodation
By the earth's occupants.
Hostile it is an accommodation.

Your justice earns you nothing,
Yet the poor,rich,kings, old and young,
All envy you.
Out of sheer hatred.
Yet they fear you
For you're too tricky –
You follow not the scientific procedure.

Oh old man!
Giver of breathe
To an already living life,
Only for her to have her name changed
From Abadow to widow.

Bearer of no history,
As old as the ancestry of history themselves.

Oh old man!
Strange you're.
Strange your name is,
Shocking your name sounds.
I wish I knew this your name.
Oh old man!

by Naeem Daahson Ibrahim

 Posted by: Naeem Daahson Ibrahim

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