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We shall all meet our end one day

Either in a glorious or clumsy way

But the question, where do we go after here?

Keeps lingering in my mind when death I hear!

We live not as immortals for sometime to come

Death we shall taste as we wait for it to come!

Enjoy the pleasures as they come though...

For nothing lasts forever just like dough!

We are born in to an empty cell

To be nurtured and cared for as well!

But the end should keep us to our toes

So we walk in the light but not as foes!

Are you ready for the end?

As our deeds depict our fate

And the irony of self destruct pend....

Oh lord, let our fate be known in a date!

Asempa Abankwa Okyere. I wish that my poem gets published. Thanks

by Asempa Abankwa Okyere

 Posted by: Asempa Abankwa Okyere

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