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They look into our eyes and burn our places and call us inferior of the two races So where to? They put us in uniforms of black and white – black closer to the earth to gather dust and white to the sky because indeed they claim to be above us So where to? They separate us from our children so we cannot teach them the ways of the Zulu So where to? They slaughtered my parents in front of me so I would fear them but my parents didn't fear death so I knew in my time, I wouldn't fear the white man or death but that I would be without my family So where to? They substituted my freedom with the labour and suffering of building their kingdom So where to? They slay and imprisoned the bold from 27 years to life; the dismay of a wife So where to? They took our homes from us and we asked so where to again as running became our home So where to? They chose life and death for us So where to? They built walls of Jericho on our self esteem and our colour started to fade through bleaching as black was inferior So where to? They called as pigs and filth but took our women in the night So where to? Fear was in my pupils; both in my eyes and in my students for the math they learnt would calculate no money in future So where to? We knew not day or night for darkness was upon us all our lives So where to? We were prisoners of life sentence but with no crime to atone for this – but the colour of our skin –Black So where to? Our being was a taboo and hence we were forbidden to and from anything good So where to? Scars, memories and every reminder of the apartheid brought a tear and heartbreak So where to? We have come this far Just to find out who we are We give up running for there is nowhere to run to anymore Every day of my 23 years, I've asked, so where to? So this place I find myself now It's not that I have given up or lost hope It's the end of running away So I'll call it Soweto Copyright (c) Aubrey Aidoo 2009 Visit www.iwritegh.orgfor more Ghanaian poems

by Aubrey Aidoo

 Posted by: Aubrey Aidoo

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