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The Best of Friends..

We are the best of friends, and we have had our trials.

We have seen many of beautiful thangs together.
We have been to the ocean together and breathed the air as well,

and we seen seagulls flying in the yonder blue skies.

We hear their cries, and we want to be like them, soaring in the sky.

I love you as a dear friend, and we go places that others have never been to.

We seen Paris and London, and many different countries.

We talk to one another, and tell many of stories.
We are never going to part our ways, and love does abound in our souls and hearts, for always.

We will be the kindest of friends, and never get upset with one another.

To me, you are like a dear brother.
I am your sister in your heart.
I feel we will always be as one, even if we are not married, as we feel friendship is sweeter,

and marriage is not what I want right now, so friendship is good enough for me.

I do love you very much and your hand in mine, means a lot to me.

We are like two angels soaring like those seagulls, in the azure blue sky, and we sit upon those clouds,

just you and I.
We wonder what it would be like, to be in heaven together, will it be as sweet as our love, will we see many angels there?

Will we marry perhaps in heaven, or will we just remain good old friends?

Some day, we may know the answer to this question, but for now, we will remain the best of friends.

the end...

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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