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Ghanaians to be Wary of Liars like NDC Parliamentary Aspirant Naa Koryor of Ewutu Senya Constituency

Ghanaians to be Wary of Liars like NDC Parliamentary Aspirant Naa Koryor of Ewutu Senya Constituency
25.04.2020 LISTEN

I have just returned home to tune in to Neat FM radio online. I could hear a female named as Naa Koryor grant an interview to the radio programme hosted by Mark Jerry. The radio presenter mentioned her as the NDC parliamentary aspirant desirous to wrestle power from the incumbent NPP parliamentarian for the constituency.

From what I heard the woman say, in the raised voice said, and the phone-in counter submission made by the MMDCE for the metropolis, followed by the phone-in statement made by the Pentecost Church Area Head, the woman is not only a liar, but a sly personality playing on the intelligence of Ghanaians and especially, that of her future constituents.

I could hear her allege that the food the government ordered to be distributed to the vulnerable people, thus the poor and the needy, during the partial lockdown of Greater Accra, Tema, part of the Central region, to be precise Kasoa, and Greater Kumasi, was distributed to only NPP members. People were requested to present their party membership card and the food was given only to those holding NPP membership card, she alleged.

When the MMDCE for the area phoned in to counter her many claims which were politically-motivated for all dubious reasons, with the Pentecost Church Area Head phoning in to clear the air, I can see the woman as a complete misfit for the position of representing the constituents of Ewutu Senya constituency.

Both the MMDCE and the pastor explained how the food is distributed and how the vulnerable are located. Nowhere was the food distributed or is being distributed to NPP cardholders only as is contrarily alleged by this shameless NDC parliamentary aspirant.

When the MMDCE asserted that she was distributing water from tankers to the people with her posters pasted on the tankers, she could not deny it. Therefore, she was rather the one doing politics in the midst of the nation fighting to contain the spread of the deadly novel coronavirus (Covid-19) while at the same time showing sympathy to the poor and the needy. However, she had earlier tried her hardest to inform the listening public that the NPP and the President of Ghana have been doing politics with the distribution of food and water to the people of Ghana and especially, to the people of Kasoa.

She was simply being loudmouth, claiming at some point that she is a journalist hence can take on the MMDCE on any reckless tangent if she was dared. Her behaviour makes her one of the idiots that I love not to suffer kindly.

Why is she that callous to use the suffering of the nation and the people to do cheap politics? Why should the NDC be distributing food to the people saying it is coming to you from the President-in-waiting, John Dramani Mahama? What nonsense is that? Is it the appropriate time to do party politics?

They are once again trying to buy over their proclaimed Ghanaians of short memory by the meagre food distributed to the people by them.

Anyway, Ghanaians must be their own best judges. I would love to take her on if she would throw the gauntlet to me even though, I am very tight on time. I have a strong aversion to the corrupt and lying Ghanaian politicians, of whom Naa Koryor is proving herself to be one. They are the cause of Ghana’s economic woes, denigration and oftentimes treatment of Ghanaians as weaklings and subhuman by other people.

The Covid-19 has come to teach the world a bitter lesson where Ghanaians must learn not to allow themselves to be fooled by corrupt politicians anymore. Therefore, the continuous play of propaganda by the NDC and any politician whomsoever, will not be countenanced but countered mercilessly.

Today, I am sparing Naa Koryor and all her ilk the rod but in future, she will regret with her journalism should she decide to play on the intelligence of Ghanaians as she did today at the radio station.

Rockson Adofo
Saturday, 25 April 2020

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