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16.05.2006 Politics

Appiah Ofori rejoices over Edumadze’s removal

By myjoyonline

The NPP Member of Parliament for Asikuma-Odoben-Brakwa is calling on the President to institute a probe into allegations of corruption against former Central regional Minister, Isaac Edumadze.

P. C. Appiah Ofori says even though the President's decision not to retain the minister is welcomed news, it remains inadequate until allegations of corruption against him are investigated.

Mr. Appiah Ofori has been at the forefront of an intense crusade against Mr. Edumadze saying he is corrupt and not fit to be minister.

He presented countless petitions to Parliament's Appointments Committee kicking against the approval of Mr. Edumadze when he was named for the position at the beginning of President Kufuor's second term.

But Parliament went ahead to confirm his appointment. Reacting to news of his removal from the position of regional minister, Mr. Appiah Ofori told JOYNEWS he's very delighted.

“It has come too late. The President should have removed him long long ago but half a loaf is better than nothing. It doesn't end there. Article 35, clause 8 of the constitution says the state shall take steps to eradicate, it didn't say reduce, eradicate corrupt practices and the abuse of power so anybody found to have been corrupt should not only be removed to go and squander what he has stolen but he should be punished. So I'm of the opinion that the matter must be brought before an investigation committee to establish its guilt so that we can play before the appropriate court for prosecution”, he said.

Meanwhile the outgoing Central Regional Minister says he is the least worried about being dropped from the President's administration.

Speaking to JOYNEWS, Isaac Edumadze declined to disclose details of his political future but expressed gratitude to the President for the opportunity given him to serve in the NPP government.