24.03.2020 General News

SAP’s Project Director Advises Parents On Educational Activities During COVID-19 Isolation

By Prince Antwi
SAP’s Project Director Advises Parents On Educational Activities During COVID-19 Isolation
LISTEN MAR 24, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc, bringing political, economic, religious and social activities to a grinding halt across the world.

With schools in Ghana likely to shut down for weeks or even months, many parents will have to unavoidably work from home while parenting and providing home tuition for their children.

In light of this, the Project Director of Special Attention Project (SAP), the leading grassroots non-governmental organisation working for the rights of children with Specific Learning Difficulties has advised parents to choose developmentally appropriate activities and games for their children.

According to Mr. Richard O. Opoku, “there are many online resources that parents can turn to during this uncertain period of self-isolation, social distancing and quarantine”.

He mentioned ‘Born Smart App’ as an educational resource that strengthens parent-child bond, fosters brain development, develops physical, emotional, social and language development, as well as helps nurture children’s social skills.

The project director also indicated that ‘Code Monkey Junior’ was useful for helping children to learn logic, algorithm, sequencing, loops, counting and direction orientation.

He however, asked parents to regularly communicate with teachers of their children to provide learning guidelines, and for selection of developmentally and culturally appropriate learning resources based on Ghana’s school curriculum.

Mr. Opoku indicated that SAP was committed to providing distance and remote learning support to parents and children during the coronavirus ‘lockdown’.

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