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Ghana Politics; An Organized Conspiracy Between NPP And NDC To Rob The Poor

Ghana Politics; An Organized Conspiracy Between NPP And NDC To Rob The Poor
04.03.2020 LISTEN

It is said when education does not enter your mind and soul to change your world view about things, then that education is not different from the shirt you wear in the morning and remove in the evening. Dr. Okadigbo puts it more eloquently than I can ever muster, that if you are emotionally attached to your political leaning to the point that truth and justice become secondary considerations, your education is useless.

If you cannot reason beyond petty sentiments, you are a liability to mankind. From the foregoing, it is undeniable that most Ghanaian youths have become a liability to the nation. We don’t see beyond our political colouration.

Indeed, the politically empowered powerlessness of our people is sickening and I am tired of engaging in arguments of what could have been. Tempted to mind my own business, the Ghanaian in me would not allow me. Fellow Ghanaians, this is an epistle from the independent-minded people. By independent-minded, I am referring to those who look at national issues beyond NDC and NPP. I mean those who reason beyond petty partisanship and discuss national issues dispassionately.

Do I call them fanatics, foot soldiers, sympathizers or sycophants? Let me charitable with words. Ayekoo to all die in the wool supporters of NDC and NPP whose words do not wander far away from maiming, destroy and send to the cleaners at the least opposition to the party they support. How be the market? You, people, get the scholarship some? My sympathies to you all.

On a more serious note, there is more to NDC-NPP politics than meet the eye. Without any shadow of doubt, many budding supporters of the NDC are disappointed that opportunities they sought after and did not get under their beloved NDC’s tenure were rather ironically giving to people who are supposed to be in a rival party. Unbelievable! Right? Even more disappointing is the fact that the very people offered the opportunities could afford them with a chicken change and even sponsor others without trouble.

Well, that is the nature of NDC-NPP politics which is sadly translating to Ghana politics. The reverse is true now that NPP has the power. Without any equivocation, some bigwigs in the NDC and their families are enjoying sumptuous contracts and scholarships they need after all. To paraphrase Mannaseh, some NDC bigwigs want Nana Addo reelected since it is only through his reelection that their bread can be buttered.

In an earlier write-up, I indicated that the set-up of the NPP and NDC is a grand scheme to create, loot and share to the detriment of the suffering masses. The revelations by the auditor general about the dolling out of scholarships to people who should be granting scholarships to others vindicate this position.

In my opinion, the NPP and NDC have never been rivals. The rivalry is about who should be in charge to do the distribution. That has always been the point of disagreement. But generally, in terms of aim and objectives, they both seek to do the same thing; to disguise their selfish interest as those of the national interest. The DNA of both parties is to create, loot and share. The point of departure, however, is who should be at the helm of affairs to cut and distribute the cake.

At best, the NDC and NPP can be likened to two women in a polygamous marriage. Both women have children with the man. each of these women always wants to be in the kitchen so that her children can be well fed. This typifies the attitude of the NDC and NPP.

So you who are so proud to be tagged as an NDC or NPP foot soldier, are you part of their sharing scheme? Beyond using you to perpetrate crimes, violence, mayhem and to insult perceived opponents, what do you mean to the NDC and NPP? From all indications, you don’t feature in any of their plans beyond the dirty things you do for them. If you think I am lying, why are they giving scholarships to their rivals and their children and not you a party faithful? In the face of all these, why do you allow yourselves to be used as hooligans to perpetrate crimes for people who don’t give a hoot about you?

As a matter of fact, this revelation by the auditor general should be an eye-opener to every youth. In the eyes of the NPP and NDC, the youth are tools used to help in achieving their selfish desires. Instead of allowing ourselves to be used as agents of destruction, let us channel our energies into making ourselves better. History has shown that when people are organized on the basis of ideas, they can make demands and set the agenda. After all, most of the nationalist leaders were our age when they led the independence struggle even against imperial rule. How can it therefore be that we are being subjugated by our very own and all we can be are stooges to be used for own destruction. Arise Ghana youth for your country.