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21.04.2006 NPP News

I Will No Longer Die For NPP

I Will No Longer Die For NPP

The Member of Parliament (NPP) for Assin North, Mr. Kennedy Adjapong has lashed out at his party for neglecting those supporters of the party who toiled to make what the party is today.
Speaking on a radio interview, Mr. Adjapong said "since the NPP came to power, the party's top officials seem to have forgotten the very people who toiled through thick and thin to ensure the success of the party today. In every society one works or toils to reap the fruits of his labour, but this is not what the faithful supporters of our party, who suffered a lot are gaining after their dreams for the party have materialized".

Mr. Adjapong explained: "Now our party does not even see how effective some of these supporters are anymore and give contracts and other businesses which some of our supporters are competent and able to do, to our rivals who then use the gains to mobilize themselves against us."
Mr. Kennedy Adjapong gave an instance where a supporter of the party in the Central Region who helped the party very well in winning most of the seats has now been neglected and now lives in poverty and sorrow.

"Even if we don't have money for them, we must make sure that we always get in touch with them, to show care and that they are still respected in the party, but this man is even no longer contacted when there is a meeting going on in the region and it is not this man alone , but many".
The MP noted that he in particular has now been rejected by the top hierarchy of the party after years of hard work. "Getting to the 2004 general election, I personally sponsored seventy (70) MP's; I gave each a thousand T-shirts and two thousand posters. I built schools in my area with my own money and people were even alleging that I am a drug dealer .Ask the NDC why they lost the Gomoa seat and they will tell you the work I did there, though it's not my constituency. This was all because of the love I have for my party", Mr. Adjepong elaborated.

"I will no longer die for the party again. I have many children and will use my money to look after them", he added. The MP of Assin North had a message for NPP's chairman Mark Manu.
"This message is for Mac Manu, if he really wants the party to win the 2008 elections, then he must do a lot. He must start recognizing that people made the party what it is today. He should not wait for some few months to call for unity. Unity must start from now and they the leaders must show the way". The NPP MP for Assin North noted that he is not against contracts going to NDC men, but "not when some of our men can do it better".

Mr. Kennedy Adjepong warned his party ahead of the 2008 elections, saying "now we are feeding the NDC by giving them big contracts, we must be ready for a tough competition from them, because they are going to use the money we give them to fight against us". He urged his party to hold a reconciliatory meeting as it is the only way they can smoothen their relationship with the supporters at the grass roots who are now being neglected.

"If we think we are in power so everything is well, then we are day dreaming like when the NDC never dreamt of losing elections".