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21.11.2019 Feature Article

How Does Kantanka Automobile Intend To Compete With VW - And Win?

How Does Kantanka Automobile Intend To Compete With VW - And Win?

Good to see a photograph of VW's massive new electric vehicle plant at Zwickau in Saxony. Emissions-free vehicles are good for the planet. And pretty good for people too. Hopefully, it's switch to EVs will put the reputational damage VW's brand suffered in the wake of past emissions test scandals in the U.S. and elsewhere.

As a Pan-Africanist and Ghanaian patriot, however, the question for me is: Does VW intend to build electric cars in Ghana too for export markets - since it has announced, with great fanfare, that it will be assemblying some of its vehicles here? Or is its strategy to simply dump the vehicles in it's brand's range of vehicles that have internal combustion engines, onto the African automotive market, via Ghana?

For patriotic reasons, for some years now, some of us have gone out of our way - despite their mostly cold, off-putting and stand-offish posturing - to tell Kantanka Automobile's management (including its young CEO), that their company ought to focus on producing electric vehicles. Not a word has come from them, thus far, acknowledging our concerns for their company's future well-being. Amazing.

We even suggested to them that they do whatever is needed, and humanly possible, to enable them incorporate Colonel Kofi Ababa Jackson's amazing self-charging electric vehicle system invention, in the production of Kantanka Automobile EVs - so that their company could become a global EV leader that way, having eliminated the range-limitation issue for EVs. Ditto that they develop a market for the conversion of vehicles with internal combustion engines into EVs.

Furthermore, and this is the most painful for us: We also told them to collaborate with those behind the UK-based OX vehicle, which has been specially designed for very bad roads in the developing world - and even went out of our way to e-introduce the OX design team to Kantanka Automobile's selfsame management team, in an email. Incredible.

Clearly, if we were a serious people, our system would never allow the very dangerous and dreadful Aboboyaa motorised tricycle, on rural roads in Ghana, because of their inherent unsafeness, design-wise.

Yet, the Aboboyaa continues to dominate that huge untapped market, when a much, much better, and more suitable vehicle, such as the OX, would be a far better and safer alternative to Aboboyaas across rural Ghana. One hopes that that altruistic idea from us too has not fallen on deaf ears at Kantanka Automobile. Be that as it may, the question that ought to concern them now, as it does us, is: How does Kantanka Automobile intend to compete with VW - and win? Hmmmm. Yoooooo...

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