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03.03.2006 Diaspora News

Agave Dev. Association’s Fundraising Was A Great Event

By Gladys Gafrey -Secretary ADA UK
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With A Fantastic Evening!!!! The fundraising event of the Agave Dev. Association UK (ADA) which was held on 18 February 2006 was a big success. The occasion was graced by Togbi Akumegeli Adjorlolo 111, Paramount Chief of Atorkor- Volta Region, Ghana and Naa Aforkor Omaeduro 1 Takamanso Ta Manye- Ga Dangme Region, Ghana, who were dressed in rich traditional Customs for Chiefs and Queens, portraying Ghana's rich cultural heritage.

Also present were dignitaries like Mr. Morgan Brown The Welfare Consular of the Ghana High Commission, Dr. Togobo, Mr Fritz Kodagoda Barrister- Lincolns Inn and President of Sri Lanka Lawyers in UK, Reverend Godwin Odonkor- The Ghanaian Chaplain - UK , Ms Emelia Bartels- Excell Consultancy, representatives from GAP, The NHS, Portsmouth Multi Cultural Group and representatives from various Ghanaian Associations. Not forgetting Olee Bolt, Sam Polley and their families- ADA's pioneer volunteers to Agave who have returned year on year to support projects in the Agave area.

There were also people from the various diverse cultures living in the UK, like Asians, Chinese, Whites, Nigerians and people from all the regions in Ghana. Indeed the Brixton Town Hall was packed with well wishers and Fundraisers.

The event was opened by Reverend Odonkor with a powerful prayer which was followed by the dancing of agbadza like it is danced in Eweland. It was spectacular to watch the indigenous people dance with pride to the rhythm of the drums. The crowd cheered on and that set the mood for the evening. They were also “gingered” and “triggered” to a wide range of Ghanaian music which they danced to in awesome style. The atmosphere in the Brixton Town hall was fantastic, thanks to the Master of Ceremony Mr. Kabu Charway who co-ordinated the programme for the evening. There were also excellent poetry recitals about our homeland Ghana by Andrew Togobo.

The Chairperson of the ADA Mrs Mercy Adede Bolus in her speech, pointed out to the gathering some of ADA's achievements so far. They include the distribution of furniture to 30 Primary Schools in Agave, The donation of Computers to the Educational Unit at Sogakofe, The donation of medical equipments to the local Health Centres, the acquisition of land to build a community centre in the future, and the inauguration of ADA Ghana to work in partnership with ADA UK. The main objective of the event was to raise funds to build a Computer Library attached to the Dabala Secondary Tech. The speech was supported with photographic images shown via a projector by Mr. Jacob Amusu (ADA Educational Lead Person) whilst the audience looked at the credible images with admiration.

Mrs. Mercy Adede Bolus thanked Mr. Frank Agbloe and the Fundraising Planning Committee for the hard work and efforts expended into organising a very successful event.

Togbi Adjorlolo and Naa Aforkor Omaeduro thanked all the members of the ADA for working very had and accomplishing their goals.

Mr. Morgan Brown addressed the gathering and emphasised that the tasks set by ADA is as laudable as they are attainable. He also commended ADA UK for the concern shown by finding ways and means of expanding the human resources based in Agave.

Mr. Anthony Azanu launched the appeal for funds and the various Associations took the opportunity to donate and dance to their favourite music.

Two awards were given: Mr. Jacob Amusu received an award for successfully leading and completing the Furniture Project to 30 Primary Schools in Agave. Miss Mawusi Adorkor a 6yr old was also awarded for showing exceptional behaviour when she accompanies her father to meetings.

The atmosphere in the Brixton town Hall was electric and the gathering found it comfortable to socialise and interact with people from different ethnicities. The Hall was full of people enjoying themselves and there was so much laughter and happiness all round. Indeed the night was an overwhelmed success.

The ADA Secretary, Ms Gladys Gafrey thanked the gathering on behalf of ADA UK and the students of Agave who would be the beneficiaries of the project.

The event came to an end at 2.00am leaving the gathering with a feeling of wanting for more.

Below as some remarks from the guests:

Hello all, Let me also add my congratulations for another fantastic event, we all Had a great time. Well done for all the good work, long may it Continue. Samuel Polley- Hampshire

Thank you too for organising such a wonderful event. Thanks for the Honour done to me. You really have all the structures in place to succeed with your Project. Togbi Adjorlolo- London

Hi Mercy, Thanks for Saturday. It was a great event and lovely to meet you all. Shelly Telly- Norfolk

It was a huge SUCCESS. My colleagues who attended have brut it abroad in the office how spectacular it was. Everyone is asking when is the next one? Julius Gamor- London

It was a grand fundraising and I hope you made some money for the computer project. Yen Nyenya- London