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To Err Is NOT Human

To Err Is NOT Human
LISTEN SEP 13, 2019

As humans, our worst mistakes are used to define who we are. You may save the lives of a million people, but if you kill one person, you will be called a murderer. You may return the lost items of many, but if you are seen shoplifting, you are a thief. You may preach a hundred powerful sermons, but you will not be praised for that as much as you will be condemned if you commit one crime.

But did you know that none of that is unfair? Determining worst flaws is a great way to measure perfection! In Chemistry, the speed of a chemical reaction is not measured by the average fastness of individual steps, nor the speed of the fastest step, but the rate of the slowest step (the “RDS”).

In order words, the worst-performing entity defines the performance of the entirety.

The PERFECT human nature
That is why we cannot just sit by and watch any part of our lives exist in deformation, especially when others will define us by those imperfections. We were made to be perfect. And we must strive to remain so perfect that even our imperfections would be largely insignificant. According to the Good Book, we are made in the image of a perfect God. And his son instructs that we live just as perfectly as our Heavenly Father in Matthew 5:48.

We are just like the TV’s remote—the malfunctioning of only one button in us can render us spoilt. And that demands that we constantly fish-out any dysfunction in us and rectify them. Were meant to be without any blemish.

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To err therefore is The real human nature is not to be erring left-right-center. Our true nature is to be highly circumspective about life and ensure we take the right steps every time. Erring is only a slip in that normal functioning of a human, which must be fought against with all alacrity, and not accepted as part of our makeup.

It is because of our perfect true nature that we feel guilty when we do wrong (when we function against our real nature ); it is why regardless of a person’s race, colour, tribe, religion or belief systems, (and no-matter how heartless we wish to be) we would always find the deepest fulfillments in being kind, loving, cheerful, honest, faithful, hardworking, diligent, and living with integrity.

The Danger of the Imperfection Notion
Too many people perform poorly in life, due to recklessness that stems from the negative notion that they are only “humans” and are prone to any kind of failures. That assertion is dead on arrival! We were made with every capacity to very adequately prepare for the challenges we face and battle them squarely.

Indeed, we may all falter at certain points along the journey, but that is only a malfunction for us to rectify; and not a place for us to dwell. Any faulty button in us, is only for us to repair quickly and move on, because “to be perfect is the real human.”

The next time you face any task, remember to not just handle it anyhow. Remember, it is in your true nature to deliver on it without spot or wrinkle, and conquer it completely. If any errors come up in the process, filter them out and find ways to burn them off before they affect you again another time. Never accept them (the errors) as a part of your nature, because, they are not!

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Authored by: Ebenezer Agbey Quist , author of Reformed Or Deformed and COO at Eqay Inspire.

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