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30.08.2019 Feature Article

An Open Letter To The Founder Of APO

An Open Letter To The Founder Of APO
LISTEN AUG 30, 2019

Dear Mr. Pompigne-Mognard,
I am writing to find out whether or not you have any plans to set up a Pan-African equivalent of Al Jazeera and CNN.

Ghana would be the perfect home for such a 24-hour news and entertainment television company.

The idea occurred to me, because of the difficulties a far-sighted and brilliant Ghanaian filmmaker, Mr. Kwaw Ansah, went through, when he set up an Africa-focused television company in Ghana, TV Africa.

Perhaps if Mr. Ansah had known about you, at the time, the two of you could have collaborated, to ensure the success of TV Africa.

It is still not too late. He is still alive, although control of the company, is said to be indifferent hands now.

I'd be happy to contact him, and obtain his contact details for you, to enable you have direct contact with him. Alternatively, and this might be quicker, you could ask the Ghana UN mission in Geneva, to help you trace him.

Kind regards,
Tel: +233558852619 & +233277453109.

Kofi Thompson
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