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7th Edition Of Ghana Garden And Flower Show Launched

7th Edition Of Ghana Garden And Flower Show Launched
LISTEN JUL 7, 2019

The seventh edition of the Ghana Garden and Flower Show has been launched in Accra. The 2019 show is on the theme “Be The Change”.

H.E. Shani Cooper-Zubida, Ambassador of Israel to Ghana, Liberia and Sierra-Leone performed the official launch of the show, a behavior change activity and also announced the Israel Green Innovation Competition in partnership with the Ghana Garden and Flower Show, to project green innovativeness as well as encourage young people to participate meaningfully in agriculture for job creation and income generation.

This 7th Edition of the prestigious flower show to take place from August 28th - September 3, 2019, at the Afua Sutherland Children’s park, will focus on the individual, corporate and national responsibility for developing and maintaining green and clean homes, neighborhoods and green spaces in towns and the country as a whole.

Ms. Esther A. N Cobbah, Chief Executive Officer of Stratcomm Africa said that Ghanaians desire to live in a beautiful Ghana with gardens and flowers, adding that “There is often the expectation that the central government or the local administration should be responsible for ensuring a green and beautiful Ghana but the reality is that, achieving this is a collective responsibility of all of us”. .

She said “Be the Change” campaign, therefore, is aimed at inculcating the awareness of green behavior on the environment and heightening knowledge and awareness about what Ghanaians can contribute individually and collectively to help make the environment clean, greener and more beautiful.

Israeli Ambassador to Ghana, Madam Cooper, who launched the 2019 Show, congratulated Stratcomm Africa for attaining 25 years and using its expertise in communication to organise the Ghana Garden and Flower Show to promote the floriculture and horticulture industry.

She stressed that, “the floriculture and horticultural industry in Ghana has tremendous potential of impacting the economy positively through job creation, foreign exchange as well as attracting potential investors to the country.”

Ms. Cooper stated that Israel prides itself as a nation of innovation that helps to stimulate innovation wherever it finds itself. Israel is also well acknowledged for its advancements in the area of agriculture including floriculture, thus the embassy of the State of Israel in Ghana is also committed to contributing to efforts to increase awareness and knowledge that will lead to a clean, green, wealthy and beautiful Ghana

She indicated that the introduction of the award scheme is to help stimulate participation in Ghana’s floriculture industry, particularly by the youth. This award scheme will, therefore, be used to encourage Ghanaians to come up with innovations that contribute to the growth of this industry in Ghana.

The winner of this category will win an all-expense paid trip to Israel to Israel and participate in one of the courses in agriculture by kind courtesy of the Israeli Embassy.

This year’s edition of the show will be held at the Efua Sutherland Children’s Park from the 29th August to the 3rd September 2019. As part of the show, there will be exciting activities such as a Karaoke/ Music night, Taste of the Park, Fashion in the Park, Children’s Playground, and Party in the Park.

About 19,000 visitors have visited the show last year.

The Green Innovation Competition process:

  1. Have an innovative and captivating product or application that promotes green innovation in Ghana.
  2. Present your idea in a 90 seconds video detailing all the essential information about your prototype
  3. Upload your video on your Facebook account or page, tagging the @IsraelinGhana and Ghana Garden and Flower Show Facebook pages with the hashtag #IsraelGIC and #GGFS2019.
  4. Register online ( to participate in the competition detailing your bio data, and a write up of your concept and upload a link of your 90 secs video from your Facebook.
  5. Dead line for registration and videos: 6 August 2019
  6. In all, 10 qualifying participants will be selected for the final pitch. Our Judges will have the privilege of selecting 5 innovative videos, while the other 5 will be selected based on the most likes on Facebook.
  7. The 10 finalists will be hosted by our judges on 1 September 2019 to do a 3 minute prototype presentation of their ideas.
  8. The ultimate winner will be selected by the judges after the presentation for the award on 3 September 2019 at the GGFS Awards and closing ceremony.


  • Registration and participation – 24 June to 6 August

(the 10 winners of the first round will be invited to present their idea)

  • Presentation of prototype ideas to Judges – 1 September 2019
  • Presentation of Awards – 3 September 2019

About the Ghana Garden and Flower Show
The Ghana Garden and Flower Show is a flagship activity of the innovative Ghana Garden and Flower Movement that was initiated with the first edition of the Show in August 2013. The movement seeks to create awareness among Ghanaians about the commercial, aesthetic and psychological benefits of horticulture and floriculture. It seeks to celebrate Ghana’s unique flora and fauna, whilst pointing people to the income generating and job creation opportunities inherent in them. Ultimately, the aim of the Show is to encourage the harnessing of our flora and fauna for national development and improved livelihoods.

About Stratcomm Africa
Stratcomm Africa is a total Communication, Reputation Management, Events Management and Research Agency specializing in evolving and implementing communications strategies for

companies, individuals and governmental institutions in both national and international settings. Stratcomm Africa is proudly collaborating with its partners to promote and deepen a Gardening and Flower culture in Ghana. Stratcomm Africa believes in using communications to stimulate socio-economic development. By organizing the Ghana Garden and Flower Show and promoting a Garden and Flower movement in Ghana, Stratcomm Africa is using its expertise to generate awareness among Ghanaians about available natural resources for livelihood enhancements and national development.

Stratcomm Africa is also facilitating information sharing, knowledge transfer, and skills development through its role in the Garden and Flower Show and its related conference and workshops.

Stratcomm Africa also employs the Ghana Garden and Flower Movement and Show, as a platform to reinforce Ghana’s position as a compelling investment and tourist destination through the promotion of beautiful Gardens and Flowers in Ghana. Vintage Events, a member of the Stratcomm Africa Group, manages the event.

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