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20.06.2019 Feature Article

The Underground Man - Part 18

The Underground Man - Part 18
LISTEN JUN 20, 2019

“Great…so you are all set and done for a great journey ahead“, was Anna about to go back home as she wanted to continue her new novel.

“Yes, my dear sister, I am ready for a great future”, jumped Irena a last time before her forcing Anna to take a last piece of cake before letting her go.

Irena looked at Anna from the side while keeping quiet. Anna did not notice her sister had changed from one second to the other. No more jumping, jumping but carefully observing any movement Anna would do.

Anna looked at her and smiled innocently. Irena smiled back. Mysterious silence had captured the room like a bed sheet covering a matrices. Anna was, as usual, always away in her mind in other places. Her eyes did not make her see what was in her sister`s mind.

“She is so clever but in a way naïve trusting too many people that are not correct. She thinks at the bottom of everyone sleeps an angel that needs to be woke up. How stupid people like her are. She will never understand the evil, the devil can walk right next to her to have a chance to mess her up very well. Anna is trusting me being her sister…useless. All I know is when one day Anna will wake up and have an interest in money also, her own business that can take her far, she will be victorious and I will face my face in the mirror asking and begging to know which of us is the best in the country. If I am not clever and smart enough, that moment facing my own face, time is up and I will be put to shame and disgrace for all times…even beyond my own death. So, I must do I can to mess her up with my nice smile and tender words. She is not supposed to wake up by any means. I will always have her in my hands and curse her with misfortune. She will never make it in life!” spoke Irena to herself while seeing Anna off. When the door was closed behind Anna, she said loud to herself:” The plan is sealed…let the show begin!”

A lifelong Anna would think about this moment and constantly ask herself why Irena had not used her momentum and enrolled in the school chosen as no one outside her own mind could have prevented her form a great life in riches and fame.

“Nobody in this or other countries care about our problems, we as Heterosexuals”, explained Fritz to Anna while watching a guy parade marching through Lange Reihe towards Hansa Platz, passing Hauptbahnhof to end at Hamburg Rathaus to show their faces to the Politicians. „Here these people make loud noise and appear always on TV and other media outlets, while our issues are not voiced in the same way. We tend to keep it for ourselves as I have never seen anyone to come out and demonstrate to others that they are Heteros with a problem…or Heteros at all. I have no interest to know and who is homosexual and who is transgender. This is a private issue only for a person to know, not for the public to hear. Sexual orientation is only for the individual to proclaim to him- or herself.”

Anna watched the demonstration holding banners with their demands into the wind kissing each other to let the world know only love matters not society`s conventions, tradition, believes or anything standing in their way to personal freedom and liberation. Love, they said, is for every individual regardless of their born sex or operated sexuality, and society has to accept them for who they are and what they stand for

“Homophobia is coming again against us”, was Anna able to hear from one of the many megaphones. “Brothers and sisters, we must show ourselves in the open…in big numbers to make our voices be heard loud and clear. We had to hide ourselves for far too long in our homes Now that we can marry not matter our sex, marriage for all, we must use and protect our rights.”

The wind started to freshen up and blew among the demonstrators. Leaves and paper thrown to the ground were lifted up and taken away. It got harder by the minute to understand their spoken words. Clouds appeared on the grey sky ready to blast storm out.

Anna saw Joe coming from Steindamm to cross over to Lake Alster. He was supposed to meet up with friends at the small kiosk once a public toilet. They greeted each other and decided to walk together for a short while.

“Where I come from…” explained Joe seeing a couple, woman and woman kissing each other. “I feel disgusted! All in me is rebelling against such acts.” He turned his eyes to the bright side of Hotel Atlantic to rest his mind. Joe continued to say: “In Africa we have laws against such people. They can be jailed for long. Anal sex is in my country forbidden by law. Here in your country when you speak your mind against same-sex marriages, people and Media Houses alike, will hate you. In this aspect freedom of speech is violated. These people ae riding the waves and push any objections against the wall to crash. In so many countries this is not accepted by the majority of the population. Our opinion from Africa is seen as political not correct. Here Heteros do not seem to play a significant role anymore, just going about their own private business. Even here the language gets changed and brutalized in three different forms, for men, ladies and neutral people scaring Politicians and Authorities alike to say something potentially wrong and offensive. For us Africans it is very clear, Homosexuality does not belong to our culture, was imported as an illness by our Colonial Masters. When you, unfortunately, allow them to rule the waves, that it is your issue. But as long as we in Africa rule over ourselves, oh God have mercy on us…this will never happen in Africa! No visa given.”

Anna knew to speak out in public someone’s mind loud and clear, could easily provoke fears anger from a minority that had successfully fought for the same rights like Heteros to get married. She turned to Fritz asking him: “Please, tell me, what it is all about Homosexuality? I mean they were born from a man and a woman, both Heteros. Than their children turned into Homosexuals. Where does it come from…is it in the genes, our DNA?”

Fritz answered with a big smile on his face: “If it would be in the DNA, at least you would see in a family tree that at one stage such DNA information would have been passed on, probably jumping over a generation to few generations down the tree to make a baby that is also guy. But how would this be possible as only a man with a woman in unity, meaning sex, can make a baby and artificial insemination is a new thing. So, it is most likely a guy orientated child does not carry DNA information of Homosexuality. Two men cannot make a baby, two women cannot make a baby, only go for sperm donors and so on.”

“Very complicated”, pressed Anna the yellow bottom at the traffic light to cross the road taking them to the small green stretch leading all around the Lake. The sky cleared and grey clouds faded away towards the west of Hamburg.

Fritz bought ice-cream from a van parking by the road side.

While chewing Anna mentioned: “Alexander the Great was married, yet had a boy-friend and he did not hide the relationship. Even in the olden days of the Roman Empire sex with anyone was available with no opposition voiced.”

“You mean, history is repeating itself but in a different form?” laughed Fritz enjoying his favorite strawberry ice-cream waffle wrapped topped with dark chocolate. “History is a funny thing, you know! Nothing new on earth in its core of the issue, only the gimmicks at the outskirts change. Basically we as humans have not reached far as humans, only as creatures that know how to work. Oh yes”, looked Fritz onto the moon that was hardly visible in the bright sunlight, “commercial flights take us soon as normal folks to space, a roller coaster into air….but otherwise what have we humans really learnt?”

“Not much”, finished Joe his ice-cream suggesting to his friends to share a seat on the bench under the tree. “We’re still the same Homo Sapiens as thousands of years ago, liars, cheaters, murderers, caring parents, lazy or hard working, leaders or sheep’s. And when you look down to the bottom of it all, taking away the visible to understand our cultural basis on society level we will discover… it is all about Black and Whites…which side to dominate the world…and not about anything else keeping our minds occupied for centuries.”

Fritz looked at his friend puzzled: „What nonsense are you talking about?”

“On a personal level it is clear that all humans on different levels are sinners like in the beginning and have learnt only small, but on society level….look around history. I mean not years or hundreds of years but thousands of years and compare the trends, than it becomes clear, the world had started with us Blacks, gone to the Whites and now falls back to us Blacks. Of course not overnight but it will surely happen with the next few generations. Most people do not understand and see, only few wise people know what I am talking about.”

“Joe, my good…my dearest friend, corrected Fritz himself, “as much as I love and respect you, what you are stating is not true and certainly will not happen.”

“The blind can see without eye sight and know when they keep their mind open for the message what will happen,” replied Joe giving Fritz a high five. The friends Joe wanted to meet up with still had not turned up but had given him a text message to be late for short time.

Anna wanted to end her point and asked her two friends:” In the bible there is no story about any same sex relationship but between man and woman only to multiply and be fruitful. So my question is still unanswered as to how does it come that we see all these many people in same-ex marriages and relationships. Is it pure sex attraction or a relationship that is on the same level like between a woman and a man?”

“It is a Colonial Master sickness…I am telling you“, repeated Hoes his African conviction.

“I think it is not quite that easy”, relaxed Fritz his friends mind, “whether you see it on a religious level or on a secular level; surely the Bible and Quran do not state such same-sex marriages as relationships. And to think it is part of our DNA passed on from generation to generation will also not stand the test of arguments. Scientifically, I think, my opinion….it will scientifically never be proven where this attitude of some generates from. Even to do research thousands of years back into this issue closely to determine whether Homosexuality is society or biologically related will be impossible to undertake. So all we as a society today can do is to realize that people want to be in a same-sex legal relationship, and it must be seen whether or not the same legal rights of man and woman relationship can be granted to them…as the majority is not always right and rights are not at any given historic time the same. Moral conventions change as generations change and laws change accordingly to people`s expectations as life moves along.”

…to be continued

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