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28.05.2019 Article

RE: Mr President, Show Me Your Friend

RE: Mr President, Show Me Your Friend
LISTEN MAY 28, 2019

Dear Manasseh Azure Awuni...

You are undoubtedly one of the greatest writers across the continent and your pen that flows like honey has indeed contributed significantly to your success as an outstanding investigative journalist. I had the opportunity to have a fleeting perusal of your latest article which was a letter to the president of the Republic of Ghana admonishing him to desist from entertaining Joseph Siaw Agyapong of Zoomlion Ghana because" the man is a walking fraud."

In fact, I circulated that wonderful piece on all platforms because your article was on point. I know for sure that, those closer to the president would do the needful by drawing his attention to some legitimate issues you raised in your article. I do also recall vividly the attacks on you from some colleagues who are also in the same fraternity with you when you extended your investigative lenses to the corridors of Zoomlion and its CEO. The current GJA president and Paul Adom Otchere accused you of seeking to kill a local business without any sensible justification so to speak.

It got to a point in time I had to be furious on those senseless attack on your personality. I took it upon my self to respond to those attacks on you day by day. I intentionally did that because I had laid hands on the GYEEDA report which came into being as a result of your sting investigative work concerning their activities. Infact the report stinks like foot rot.

The GYEEDA report actually confirmed and even revealed more shocking pieces than what we were told.The sector minister who at the time signed all those contracts and endorsed payments should have been in jailed by now in any serious country where the law bites irrespective of ones status in society.. Today he is walking freely. That is Ghana for you and I.

The Auditor General is battling every single work you did on Joseph Siaw Agyapong's fraudulent dealings with the Republic of Ghana. He has activated his powers enshrined in Article 187(7)(b) of the constitution of the Republic of Ghana in an attempt to retrieve GHC 184 million of inflated contracts awarded under John Mahama government.

This action obviously goes to confirm every single thing you wrote about the said church elder who is "neck deep" in all the scandals that surround his "fraudulent company."

Those who accused you of seeking to destroy a local company ought to have been apologetic by now but out of embarrassment, they are not able to do that. God has seen them all.

I also found it quite curious that, it appears you have no issue with former president Rawlings who publicly commended Joseph Siaw Agyapong for helping this country to fight the filt battle which almost swallowed us.

The principle that, show me your friend and let me tell you who are as clearly elucidated in your article should have as well been applied to Former president Rawlings because of the numerous things he is on record to have said about Joseph Siaw Agyapong. In January, Former president Rawlings openly said that had it not been Mr Siaw Agyapong he wouldn't have been able to cater for himself. Your pen must act like a double edge sword. Your extreme silence on former president Rawlings is worrying. Please look at it very carefully and revert.

#I want to see a day you will write a similar letter to the former president#

Dawda Eric(Equity)

Citizen Vigilance for Justice

27th May, 2019

[email protected]

Dawda Eric
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