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26.05.2019 NDC News

NDC polls: We'll 'retain' and reclaim our lost Salaga South Seat-Savannah region chairman-elect

By Ananpansah B Abraham
NDC polls: We'll 'retain' and reclaim our lost Salaga South Seat-Savannah region chairman-elect
MAY 26, 2019 NDC NEWS

Business tycoon and NDC Chairman-elect for the newly created Savannah region,Alhaji Imoro Seidu, has in a Sanguine disposition stated that he was going to put energetic effort in retaining all parliamentary seats belonging to the party in the region.

In launching what he dubbed, "operation retain all seats in Savannah region and reclaim our lost Salaga South Constituency seat," he said there was the need for the party to unite in making election 2020 victory possible.

Chairman "do all" as he's affectionately called, clinched a resounding victory at the end of Saturday's 1st ever Regional Delegate Congress of the National Democratic Congress in the Savannah region.

He polled a total of 170 votes representing 78% of the valid votes cast to beat his close contender, Alhaji Issahaku Jamani who obtained 37 votes representing 17% of the valid votes cast.Mr.Kofi Iddi, a businessman came third with a total of 11 votes translating to 5% of the valid votes cast. Two votes were unaccounted for.

The position of Deputy Secretary went to Bahie Amos who obtained a total of 118 votes representing 54% of the valid votes cast to beat his only contender, Viel Godsennor who polled a total of 102 votes representing 46% of the valid voted cast.

Mr.Malik Basintale and Mr.R.A Jalil went into the election unopposed for the positions of Communications Officer and Deputy Communications Officer respectively.

In a victory speech after the swearing-in ceremony, the erstwhile chairman for Sawla, Tuna-Kalba constituency preached unity among the grassroots of the party, assuring that, he was going to work diligently to mend the broken ties in the Salaga south constituency; stating that, "We are leaving no stone behind".

He said, "I will like to put on record that the NDC shall retain her parliamentary seats in the Savannah region and we will make sure unity is restored in the Salaga south constituency for the NDC to reclaim the only parliamentary seat occupied by the NPP in the region.

Just before the 2016 general elections, the grassroots of the party was disjointed, hence, our inability to amass the needed votes from across the region. I want to assure the party that, with this new crop of executives put in place, we shall bring all on board to put up a good fight for the victory of the NDC in the 2020 general elections".

The Member of Parliament for Salaga North Constituency, hon. Mumuni Alhassan who spoke on behalf of all MP's in the Savannah region prior to the election conveyed a message of "unity in diversity" and the need for all members of the party to be ready to sacrifice their little resources for the collective success of the umbrella family.

To demonstrate this, he personally donated a cash sum of $1,000 and another $2,000 on behalf of all MP's to support the work of the party in the region.

Meanwhile, Mr. Salisu Biawurbi, Mr.Ali Bakari Kasimu, Hajia Awudu Zenabu, and Alhaji Inusah Mahama have moved in to occupy their analogous positions of secretary, treasurer, women organizer and youth organizer in the infant Savannah region pursuant to an earlier party election guidelines.

The party had earlier on stated in its election guidelines that,regional executives in the parent region can resign their positions and therefrom, assume their analogous positions in the newly created regions, further stating that "all other vacancies that may be created as a result of the movement shall be filled through elections to be conducted by the party".

Below are the other contested positions, the votes and percentage tally of the votes obtained by the individual candidates:


  1. Alhaji Abubakar Abdulah - 87 votes (40%) (elected).
  2. Hon. Sammy Bavuug Wusah - 49 votes (22%).
  3. Alhaji Ibrahim Baba Zakaria - 84 votes (38%).
  4. Rejected-0


  1. Braimah Abdul-Rasheed - 106 votes (48%).
  2. Inusah Abdulai - 114 votes (52%) (elected).
  3. Rejected-0


  1. Hon. Simon S. Belembe - 31 votes (14%).
  2. Asumah Mahama - 90 votes (41%) (elected).
  3. Muntala Tawfiq - 71 votes (32%).
  4. Zakaria Braimah Ewura - 27 votes (12%).
  5. 1 unaccounted ballot.


  1. Ibrahim Zakaria - 41 votes (19%).
  2. Mahama Janda Tanko - 62 votes (28%)
  3. Haruna Abdul-Aziz - 117 votes (53%) (elected).
  4. Rejected-0


  1. Hajia Masata Suraj Deen- 2 votes (13%)
  2. Dawuni Zenabu- 10 votes (67%) (elected).
  3. Hajia Asana Mahama - 3 votes (20) (elected).


  1. Bawa Mubarik- 4 votes (17%).
  2. Yahaya Issahaku- 7 votes (29%)(elected).
  3. John Naporo- 2 (8%).
  4. Abubakari Mohammed- 3 votes (13%).
  5. Hajia Salamatu S. Saaka- 8 votes (33%) (elected).


  1. Alhaji Sakibu Wakaso -66 votes (30%).
  2. Mohammed Sulemama - 54 votes (25%).
  3. Ewuntomah Abdul-Mumin - 99 votes (45%)(elected).
  4. 1 ballot unaccounted for.

Source: Ananpansah B Abraham

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