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22.05.2019 General News

We Are High Alert Against Possible Terror Attack – Ambrose Dery

By Staff Writer
We Are High Alert Against Possible Terror Attack – Ambrose Dery

The Interior Minister, Ambrose Dery says the country's security agencies are up and about to prevent terrorist attacks.

This follows similar disturbances in Burkina Faso which have forced some of its nationals to migrate to the northern parts of Ghana.

According to the Interior Minister, a stronger collaboration among state security agencies will avert such terrorist attacks in Ghana.

The Interior Minister said the recent disturbances in Ghana's Northern neighbours is not only a security concern but also a wake-up call for Ghana.

Speaking at a meeting of regional commanders of the Ghana Immigration Service, Mr. Ambrose Dery was of the view that the biggest security threat facing the country now is terrorism, adding that President Nana Akufo-Addo is deeply concerned about the situation.

He also called on the public, civil society and other organizations to be mindful of efforts at preventing possible terrorist attacks.

“It is increasingly clear that the greatest threat we have in this sub region is terrorism although it has not even hit Ghana yet. Terrorism is therefore top security concern of the President of the Republic of Ghana and indeed all of us. Having said this, the challenge demands remedial efforts from all of us and not individual organizations [alone]. Terrorist attacks in the sub-region and Burkina Faso in particular must be a wake up call. We cannot pretend that all is well and take the peace of the country for granted.”

“We are saying this because we believe the Government want to be proactive, we want to deal with the matter…. That is why it is so important for us. In the past 3 years, Burkina Faso is reported to have registered an estimated 230 terrorist attacks leading to several deaths including civilians and military.”

The Interior Minister subsequently reiterated Government's resolve to work as early as possible towards averting any terrorist attacks now or in the future.

“The time to call for close collaborations between Security services and civil society organizations and the adoption of coordinated approaches and preventing terrorism in Ghana is now. So we must act now,” he added.