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07.05.2019 General News

Group Back NABCo Boss Against Fake, Hired NABCo Coalition

By Akilu Sayibu
Group Back NABCo Boss Against Fake, Hired NABCo Coalition

A group calling itself the Progressive NABCO Trainees Association has distanced itself from a group calling itself the "Coalition of NABCO Trainees" which purports to be working for the interest of NABCo beneficiaries.

In a statement issued to the media, the Progressive NABCo Trainees Association disclosed that, its checks has revealed that the alleged Coalition of NABCo Trainees is the hatchet wing of a group of persons both from outside and within the NPP who are pursuing ulterior motives aimed at discrediting the current effort of the government and management of NABCo who were putting in place great commitment and dedication in order to consolidate the success of the NABCo programme for the benefit of all.

According to the Progressive NABCo Trainees Association, the appetite of the alleged Coalition of NABCo Trainees to always rush to the media as their first point of call rather than the administrative structures of the organisation shows that they are pursuing a destructive agenda with sponsorship from their paymasters.

The Progressive NABCo Trainees has made it very clear that they were aware of the efforts the managers of NABCo were making to address some few genuine concerns of trainees and have therefore called on the "Coalition of alleged NABCo Trainees" to desist from the needless propaganda and dramatization of issues at the NABCo and use the right procedures if they are a well-meaning group.

The statement indicated that genuine NABCo beneficiaries will not be happy doing things that would mar the reputation of the programme and affect the future of beneficiaries.

The Progressives have therefore called on all genuine trainees of NABCo not to join any movement that has expertise in demonstrations rather than the expertise to resolve issues by using the constituted structures at NABCo.

The statement was signed by the following:
1. Mr Emmanuel Tawiah representing Ashanti region
2. Philip K. Amoah who is the National President of the group

3. Kinsley Antwi representing the Eastern region
4. Vincent Adu Poku who is the National Secretary
5. Kwaku Duah representing the Central region
6. Micah Tei representing the Northern Region
7. Sikapa Western region representing the ladies of NABCO