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16.04.2019 Feature Article

The Song of a Restless Spirit

A burning desire for a better society.
The Song of a Restless Spirit
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I'll never tarry until the crowd see and sense the direction of the precious crown awaiting the great city.

Restlessness and selflessness encircle me all day long because of the world's crowded bounded duty.

High rated rainfall patterns visit us day and night but the oceans constantly and intensely get dry.

Unwittingly and wittingly have the masses been chained around the shackles of poverty and deeply flamed vulnerability.

Our malicious and lascivious lifestyle always puts our ancestors on a plain mark of deep sorrow and unquenchable cry.

All eyeballs on earth have been positioned in a persistent gluing gazing mood to the sky, waiting for the long awaited fate of Hilary.

Heavenly shores do many wag and swing their tails of moral and religious affirmative joy

Yet, their minds, hearts and souls are undoubtedly filtered with a plague of green house inflammatory sin and pity.

Free subscriptions are continuously made for those who are willing to dance to the tune of high pitched corrupt classical song and musical array

While the eye openers are severely entangled and enslaved in a dungeon tunnel of complete oppression, marginalization, and endless subjection to the principle of tyranny.

The territorial axes of the city have been shadowed and surrounded by toxic adversarial forces, making it extremely laborious to embrace the arrival of the new Pedagogy.

Kingdoms have lost their Kings in great doom to the servanthood of hedonistic pleasantry.

I can't fathom why the "elite" always wear a bracelet of reluctance to prevent the entry of the countless and pressing heartfelt desires and needs of the masses, thereby putting them in complete dismay.

All the poles of hardship and chaotic fences shall soon be demolished, and new flags of peace, justice and complete emancipation will be erected, and boldly uplifted far above the heavenly stars, where all creatures on earth will unite in tandem, and harmony with one another in great gay.

Author: Theophilus Quaicoe
[email protected]


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