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12.04.2019 Feature Article

Let Us Quickly Find Well-Paid For Members Of Disbanded Political Party Militia Groups

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The leadership of the apparently now-disbanded Delta Force, the privately-owned militia affiliated to the New Patriotic Party (NPP), deserve to be commended. They have taken a very courageous and bold decision - and deserve the gratitude of all Ghanaians who love their country.

They were wise to act so quickly, in responding positively to President Akufo-Addo's passionate call, for an end to the use of party groups, which most discerning Ghanaians know, are in effect, violence-prone-enforcers, who do the bidding of the powerful politicians who sponsor them. The Delta Force's leaders have set a shining example that ought to be emulated by the leadership of all the other party militia groups.

It is important, however, that we think creatively, as a people, so as to find members of all the disbanded party militia groups, suitable work that will enable them take care of their families, and other dependants. Incidentally, all such militia members recruited into the national security apparatus, after the NPP came to power in January 2017, must be identified and dismissed and found other well-paid jobs.

Although some might find it controversial, in the supreme national interest, ought we not to have discussions with Frontier Services Group's (FSG) Erik Prince, on the subject of finding well-paid jobs, for former party militia members?

Furthermore, could we not take advantage of such discussions, to structure a deal with Prince and the Chinese conglomerate, CITIC, which will enable our security agencies, for example, to have access to relevant high-resolution imagery covering the Ghanaian landmass, and offshore continental shelf, from Chinese military satellites?

Surely, such a deal would enable Ghana to better protect its infrastructure, the nation's communications networks, and other vital installations, as well as fight, organized crime, and terrorism? Ghana, after all, does not have permanent friends. It has a permanent national interest: The well-being and stability of our Republic, and whatever promotes the welfare of the Ghanaian people.

Finally, as our two-pesewa contribution, to a national conversation about finding decent employment opportunities, for former members of disbanded party-affiliated militia groups, today, we have culled an article from, which outlines the scope of Erik Prince's activities in China, and the influence his Chinese partners have in that powerful country. It is entitled: "Blackwater Mercenary Prince Has a New $1 Trillion Chinese Boss", and was written by Blake Schmidt.

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